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Sight-Impaired People Can Choose Color With Confidence Using This App


An innovative app that helps the blind see color is available on a variety of mobile devices, including Apple, Samsung, and Blackberry products. The Color ID app utilizes the device's camera to speak the color names in real time and allows users to identify colors, color values, and differences between colors. The user takes a picture with the camera and then the app determines the color based on its composition.

Although the app can be fun for anyone, it is most useful to the blind and visually impaired. Individuals who suffer from color blindness can use this app to determine differences between shades. Color ID works on the full spectrum of colors and users can put the app to work in situations that specifically meet their individual needs. Some individuals use the app each morning to make sure their clothes match, others use it when choosing paint colors for their home, and others put the app to work when helping their children with artwork. The possibilities are nearly endless for the usefulness of this innovative app.

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