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Shop in Color: Vibrant Retail Around the World

Design Trends

Color and its effect on the human psyche has a huge influence on retail design and a shopper’s experience. Retailers can tell a story with color, creating a theme and concept for their store and brand. Warm colors like oranges and browns are inviting and reassuring to shoppers, while cooling colors like green and blue can have a calming effect. Color can be everything to a successful store.


Image Courtesy of Robert Storey Studio

Check out these four colorful retail shops from around the world!

Nike Women’s Fall Holiday Presentation 2014
Set designers Robert Storey Studio used the bright colors of Nike’s womenswear range to inform the brash interior of this New York presentation space for the sports brand. Temporary walls were installed within an exhibition space on Mulberry Street, with white-painted exposed bricks and ductwork. Doorways between the rooms and geometric openings in the walls were edged with fluorescent lighting, moving through blue, green, pink and orange. The space was designed with materials that were sporty, feminine and urban; chain-link fences; brushed metal; gloss paint; and iridescent lighting. Stepped podiums displayed shoes, which were also supported on the walls by colored pegs.





Images Courtesy of Robert Storey Studio

Doctor Manzana
Design studio Masquespacio was asked to create the entire brand identity and packaging material for Doctor Manzana, a store that offers gadgets and technical service for mobile devices. The architects developed a simple, but strikingly colorful, brand identity. The blue and green colors used were inspired by the name of the brand, which includes “doctor," so they based the concept on a hospital. The striking identity begins with the façade, which incorporates the same angles and the blue and green colors of a doctor’s scrubs, along with mixing in, “the salmon color for the fashionistas and the purple for the freaks.”





Images Courtesy of Masquespacio

Porto Clothes Shop
Bright white surfaces, industrial shelving and a gray marble counter create an uncluttered interior for this Porto clothes shop by local studio Fala Atelier. The design of the space is at a bare minimum complexity, with the brightly colored garments contrasting the white surfaces. Bright yellow curtains draw attention to the larger space at the rear. The tall drapes cover the entrances to three small fitting rooms and add an accent of color to the otherwise stark space.




Images Courtesy of Fala Atelier

Camper Together
São Paulo-based Atelier Marko Brajovic created this store interior as part of Camper Together – an ongoing project by Spanish shoe brand Camper that invites architects and designers to create unique products and store interiors. Behind the stark white and glazed frontage of the shop on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, 30,000 red shoelaces were attached to a false ceiling to create a series of varying curves and dips. Influenced by traditional folkloric Brazilian festivities, the design creates an engaging environment, integrating the dense layers of colored fabric strips throughout. The shoe laces are modeled into different shapes, manufacturing a sensory-based and scenographic experience.




Images Courtesy of Atelier Marko Brajovic