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September Color of the Month: Early Harvest (DE5542)

Design Trends

Why Early Harvest is September’s Color of the Month

This month we celebrate Early Harvest (DE5542) as our September color of the month. After a summer spent investigating cool shades of blue and diving into the juicy magenta paint color Slice of Watermelon (DE5068), the transitional month of September has us returning to the green color family. September reminds us to slow down and take in the present as fall approaches. In September, we start to feel summer fold into early autumn the slightest of chills settles into the evening air. The slow fade into shortening days is a constant we can bank on and Early Harvest (DE5542), a midtone olive green, reflects the aging of the vines, the last of the ready vegetables that are ripe for the picking before the frost ushers in another winter.


Early Harvest (DE5542) is one of 210 hundred shades so popular in the Dunn-Edwards paint color catalog that it’s part of our Curated Color Palette, representing the hues that are top sellers along with those that are designer and consumer favorites.


The Appeal of Green Shades

Green is a color reflected in nearly everything around us in the natural environment. Therefore, building a room around a green paint color is a timeless choice, one that references the natural world. The appeal of a green paint color like September’s color of the month are many it embraces a movement towards eco-consciousness, sustainability and biophilic design. All of which turn our attention to nature and greenery, real and artificial. Some of these aforementioned design movements look to affect change in a shifting climate, while others aim to reduce stress and increase productivity in a world rife with anxiousness and uncertainty amid an ever-changing COVID pandemic.

While green almost always stars in some form or another in our trending palettes, we draw attention to its many facets in our 2022 color and trend report Mysa, which includes hues from the murky and mythological slate-blue tinged Loch Ness (DE5748) to the mellow Desert Sage (DET505).


Designing with Olive Greens

  • Early Harvest is an excellent color choice for anyone who desires to add a modern spin to their home’s front door but fears going too bright or sassy with their color choice. The hue especially complements modern-style doors built with vertical or horizontal glass panes, which showcases the beauty of the color.
  • Bring a sense of vivaciousness and freshness to a laundry or utility room with Early Harvest and offset the color with a pastel white like Day Lily (DEW317) on the room’s storage cabinets or shelving.
  • Amp up the drama in your living or dining room and go monochromatic by painting Early Harvest on the walls and trim and layer in metal toned furniture and fixtures like gold or copper seating options and light fixtures.
  • Bring in a dose of biophilic design by pairing a mellow green like Early Harvest (DE5542) (or its brighter cousin Asparagus Fern (DE5551) with black and white, and live edge furniture or pieces in other natural wood tones.

If you’re loving greens and want more inspiration on how to choose them, check out four surprising green color palettes we pulled together.