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Roy Anthony Shabla: Artist and Healer

Artistic Inspiration

Roy Anthony Shabla is a fine artist whose work focuses on large, abstract paintings in the Abstract Expressionistic style. The Abstract Expressionism is an important American art movement in art that was supported by the CIA during the Cold War as a contrast to the Soviet Union’s Social Realism, demonstrating the artistic freedom of the West to the world.


Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Shabla’s wide-ranging interests also include writing poetry, teaching meditation classes and feng shui workshops, as well as working in other artistic mediums such as film and
designing clothing.


Shabla was recently the first-ever Artist-in-Residence at the Stay Gallery in Downey, Calif., with his work featured through Jan 7, 2017. And, for those of you who were lucky enough to attend Modernism Week — an
annual multi-day festival held in Palm Springs, Calif. — his work was displayed at the Patty Cohn booth. As director of collection for the Downey Museum of Art in Downey, Calif., Shabla curates the museum’s exhibits.

Using a range of saturated colors — from deep reds, to brilliant blues and beyond — Shabla has used a range of Dunn-Edwards colors in the SPARTASHIELD® product line for his poured-paint series called “water music/fire dance.” Exhibited at the Mary Paxon Art Gallery, in Norwalk, Calif., in May 2016, the series includes large-scale paintings and a mechanical sculpture.


A selection of water music/fire dance colors


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Images provided by and with courtesy of Roy Anthony Shabla