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Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns at the LA Convention Center

Artistic Inspiration

The traditional carving of pumpkins for Halloween has been taken to the next level at this amazing show! RISE of the Jack O’ Lanterns, an exhibit that features 5,000 hand-carved, illuminated jack-o’-lanterns that travel from city to city, ran from Oct.13th through Oct.16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visitors walked through the pumpkin patch arrangement, which featured 100-pound pumpkins carved into characters and pop culture references in life-sized, multi-pumpkin sculptures.


Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns Carved Pumpkin


Car Jack-O’-Lantern Sculptures

Unlike other Halloween events in Los Angeles, this one is not particularly scary, yet is both seasonally appropriate and quite beautiful! Guests walk down a pathway and view the jack-o’-lanterns while an ambient Halloween soundtrack plays. There are no roving monsters waiting to pop out and startle you, just thousands of intricately-designed pumpkins, many piled into impressive sculptures.


Day of the Dead Jack-O’-Lantern Sculpture


Star Wars Jack-O’-Lantern Sculptures

Some of the highlights of the show were a 50-foot-long dragon, numerous pop culture references - from the likes of Star Wars and Marvel/ DC Comics characters - as well as an assortment of animals and dinosaurs. In addition to these elaborate sculptures, the event also featured thousands of smaller fresh pumpkins, all of which are re-carved throughout the event’s five-city run.


Dragon Jack-O’-Lantern Sculpture


Iron Man Jack-O’-Lantern Sculpture

In addition to viewing the completed carvings, visitors were able to watch artists carve an array of displays during the show. There were four live-carving stations at the event, showing attendees how to carve their own jack-o’-lanterns!


Live Jack-O’-Lantern Carving

RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns will be featured next at the Fairplex in Pomona October 27th-30th. For more information and to buy tickets for the Pomona show, visit


Dinosaur Jack-O’-Lantern Sculpture

All photos taken by Grace Lennon