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Revolver Gallery Presents "Andy Warhol: Revisited”

Artistic Inspiration

“Art is what you can get away with.” - Andy Warhol

Revolver Gallery, home to the largest gallery-owned collection of Andy Warhol artwork, is celebrating the opening of its new Bergamot Station location with the critically-acclaimed show "Andy Warhol: Revisited." Curated by Ron Rivlin & Korbin Coskey, the free-with-reservation show is a wall-to-wall, salon-style exhibition, featuring over 200 prints and paintings by Warhol spanning the 1960s through the 1980s, including many of Warhol's iconic works. The exhibition features interactive installations, themed rooms, speaking engagements, and Warhol's 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (It is the first time Warhol's car is on display to the public). The exhibit also coincides with the 30th anniversary of his untimely death.


Entry to Exhibit

Some of the most notable works on display are fifteen rare complete portfolios including Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe suite; a rare 1964 Stable Gallery plywood Campbell’s Juice Box previously owned by famed designer Halston; an extremely rare Andy Mouse portfolio by artist Keith Haring in collaboration with Warhol; and several 1981 paintings including Dollar Sign, black and white Ads and Illustrations series paintings, and Gun, which depicts the weapon used by Valerie Solanas who attempted to murder Warhol in the late 1960s.


“Mao” 1972
Andy Warhol
Screenprint on Beckett High White Paper 36”x36”


“Campbell’s Soup II” 1969
Andy Warhol
Screenprint on smooth wove paper 23”x35”


“Mick Jagger” 1975
Andy Warhol
Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle paper 43 1/2”x29”

The exhibit not only allows visitors to be educated about Andy Warhol, but become Andy Warhol! White wigs and black sunglasses are available for photos and visitors can take selfies on Warhol’s blood-orange factory sofa or at a backdrop of Campbell Soup cans before marveling over iconic works.


“Camouflage” 1987
Andy Warhol
Silkscreen on Lenox Museum Board, 38”x 38”


“Gun” 1981-1982
Andy Warhol
Unique. Synthetic Polymer Paint and Silkscreen Ink on Canvas 16”x20”


Overall Exhibit View

"Andy Warhol: Revisited" is on view at the Revolver gallery until May 27. For more information and to make a reservation, visit


Exhibit Photo Op


Exhibit Gift Shop

All Photographs Taken By Grace Lennon