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Restaurant Focus: Paradis Restaurant

Design Trends

Invoking the air of mystery and enchantment of a Caribbean island’s lunar eclipse, Paradis restaurant on Hong Kong’s Wyndham Street invites patrons to partake in a journey of intimate adventure the moment they walk through its doors. Designed by the branding and design consultancy agency, Substance, Paradis invites its guests into a relaxed cocktail hour as the moon illuminates the sky. Its French Colonial style greets all who enter the low-slung, 62-seat restaurant and bar, elegantly bringing the outside in through ingenious touches and subtle detailing. From its opening in January 2016, it had a clear mission at hand: to provide its guests a relaxed cocktail hour and an incredible dining experience.

Paradis 02

Bar area

Paradis 04

The hand-painted, exotic-themed mural on the surrounding walls invokes an island paradise, further melding with the outside and providing an evocative, colorful backdrop for the interiors. Throughout the restaurant, elegant, colonial-style, wooden louver screens are used to delineate the cocktail lounge from the dining area, as well as the individual dining booths from one another, adding an element of cozy seclusion.

Paradis 10

Paradis 05

Festive murals surround restaurant and bar

Warm, soothing lighting emanates from the custom-made, brass pendant light fixtures that hang from the ceiling and were designed to invoke the waning and waxing cycles of the moon. The gilded sheen they cast references the Haitian goddess of the moon, Mawu, and embraces all elements of the décor — from the sophisticated rattan furniture and canopy hanging over the bar, to the beige-tone, leather-clad seating banquet running along the edge of the entire dining area and the custom designed, “La Lune” alcohol bottles.

Paradis 06

Paradis 03

Brass pendant light fixtures resembling the moon cycles

Rich greens and earthy browns are at the base of the interiors, balanced with striking gold finishes

Paradis Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Paradis 14

Dining room

The sensory experience continues through and is magnified through the menu, where a richly French-influenced Caribbean cuisine is offered, featuring exotic island staples such as passion fruit and plantain.

All Photography Used with Permission