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Poetic Passage Restaurant Focus: Radioeat

Design Trends

Continuing with our Color Trends 2019, we are focusing on designs that explore the color and design of the "Poetic Passage" trend. Due to the stressful lives that we lead, an emphasis has been placed on the need to escape the everyday and to experience true relaxation within buildings and spaces. From soothing materials that are minimalist and subtle, to promoting wellness and health within interiors, architects are now broadening the environmental focus toward the human experience.

restaurant interior

restaurant interior

Like an eagle’s nest with an enveloping wooden structure, Radioeat is the perfect addition to the futuristic Parisian concert hall and recording studio — Maison de la Radio. Designed by Stéphane Maupin and Éric Walper, the restaurant sweeps along the curve of the first floor window. Overlooking the Seine with a full frontal of the Eiffel Tower, there are few places as picturesque for a dinner.

undulating bench

undulating bench 2

undulating bench 3

undulating bench

An undulating spine of wooden panels runs along the dining area, incorporating bench seating within it. The form resembles a piano — referencing back to the function of the rest of the building. The daily rhythm of the sun, with vertical shafts of light illuminating the pillars in the spine, help animate the space.

reflective panels in slats

reflective panels in slats 2

reflective panels in slats

The restaurant uses wood for many different reasons: warmth, the way it goes well with the existing décor, and the ease with which it can be used to make a one-piece bench with no joints. The bench is therefore no more than a vast trunk cut to size. Aluminum and reflected surfaces, as well as bright touches of orange, red, blue and yellow, cover the rest of the interior.

restaurant bar

restaurant bar 2

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All photographs used with permission