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PANTONE CAFE: Taste the Rainbow

Design Trends


Is yellow sour or sweet? Pantone, the company that sets the standard for color matching, has an answer. At the pop-up Pantone cafe in Monaco, you can grab a scoop of Vanilla 11-0104 ice cream or a Pistachio Green 19-1625 eclair, before washing your snack down with a glass of Vibrant Orange 16-364 juice. Every item sold by the cafe (as well as the restaurant’s napkins, tables, chairs and coffee makers) has a corresponding Pantone color code listed alongside the item.


Created by the Monaco Restaurant Group and designed by architect Michel Penneman, the cafe aims to add another sensory element to color and food by urging guests to “taste the color," combining vision, taste and design for a sensual culinary experience.


The visual branding for the cafe draws from the design of the iconic Pantone chip, a card stock with a color field and number code that designers and printers use to specify an exact color match.



“What makes PANTONE CAFE’s concept so original and unique is the association of a taste to a Pantone color, a true psychological link,” says Noémie Montalbano of Monaco Restaurant Group. “For the first time, people are able to color coordinate their lunch and taste the colors.”

The pop-up cafe will be open until Sept. 9 at the Grimaldi Forum, though the Monaco Restaurant Group is working on opening a permanent color-coffee combo.

All images provided with permission of Noémie Montalbano