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Painting for Good: Boys & Girls Club Makeover

When local paint and drywall contractor Jim Baird was a child growing up in Carlsbad California, he spent a lot of time at the Boys & Girls Club down the street from his parent's wrecking yard and garage. He speaks of that time with a fondness in his voice, “I spent a lot of years there from when I was about 8-years-old and I have a lot of good memories."

So when he recently drove past and saw the Boys & Girls Club looking a bit run down, he decided to do something about it.

He enlisted the help of three painter friends who had time on their hands during the slow winter months and set out to give his favorite childhood spot a makeover. As an exclusive user of Dunn-Edwards products, he also talked to his sales rep to work out a donation of Dunn-Edwards paint for the project.

With a little hard work, the Boys & Girls Club was given a fresh, clean look and Baird found himself the star of some local newspaper articles as a result. But he just brushes off his new status of local celebrity, “I didn't do it for any kind of publicity or to get anything out of it. It was just kind of natural for me to do something like that. I think it's important to give back and keep the money in the place that we were raised."

Now when he drives past, he can take pride in the preservation of a place that not only helped him through childhood, but helps countless kids by providing a home-away-from-home for them to play, socialize and grow in a safe environment.

“It's for the goodness of everybody," Baird says. “And it's in an area that needs to be kept clean. The Boys & Girls club has a tough time, they are put in a community or in a part of town that is needy. Now when I drive by, I check to make sure nobody has put graffiti on it and if they have, I'll get out and touch it up. We don't want it to go downhill. It's fun to look at it and see it change like that and be able to make it happen."

Photos courtesy of the Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad