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Outside In: The Architecture of Smith & Williams

Design Trends

The expression of post-war California ideas about the relationship between architecture and the environment is examined in the exhibition titled "Outside In: The Architecture of Smith and Williams". Whitney Smith (1911-2002) and Wayne Williams (1919-2007) developed a body of work throughout their long careers. From 1936 to 1973 their firm designed residential, commercial and public buildings along with housing tracts, parks and urban development plans -- and the work produced received more than 40 awards.

With the Great Depression and WW2 framing much of the background of Smith and Williams' work, many of the designs showcase the ideals of the postwar years through the growth and opportunity in Southern California.

Located in the Architecture and Design Collection of the Art, Design, & Architecture Museum at University of California, Santa Barbara, the exhibit reveals the archives of Smith and Williams (1926-1989) in more than 200 architectural designs. On view now through June 16, 2013.

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All images courtesy AD&A Museum at U.C. Santa Barbara