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No Fail Color Palettes -Graceful Greens

This week's color study focuses on green. Here are some helpful tips and tools as you work with this hue.

GREEN: the color of growth, green evokes feelings of renewal and hope. Restful and serene, it also provides a sense of peace. As a background for nature, green is an easy neutral complement to other colors. From deep forest green to refreshing sea foam, greens are versatile enough to go anywhere.

Making Green Work: Like its neutral friends black, brown and white, green as a neutral works with any color and adds a soothing layer to any space.

- green is a great neutral choice for walls to bring disparate furnishings and accessories into harmony within a room

- to bring the outdoors inside, green works in the transitional spaces such as sunrooms and porches

- to create an all-green palette, select a favorite hue from a graduated paint strip for your main color; then choose hues for various elements in the rooms such as fabrics, rugs, accessories, from the color colors on the paint strip

- to cool off a warm, sunny room; use a cool green with white to visually reduce the heat

- in rooms with open floor plans, green is a great color to freely mix within the same space in different tones.

Artfully Eclectic:
Celadon & Mink

Blast from the Past:
Jade & Cream

Tinted Mint (DE5540)

Ode to Green (DE5688)

Bannister Brown (DE6069)

Flaxseed (DEC736)

Soft Leather (DE5256)

Leafy (DE5628)

Posy Petal (DE5067)

Apple Valley (DE5088)

Divinely Stylish:
Lime & Salmon

Tropical Getaway:
Emerald & Black

Lime Sorbet (DE5550)

Wasabi (DE5578)

Cellar Door (DEA157)

Wedge of Lime (DE5549)

Geranium Red (DE5089)

Cherry Bomb (DEA105)

Birch White (DEW326)

Dark Engine (DE6350)

Harmonious Tones:
Seafoam & Sand Dollar

Old World Charm:
Sage & Yellow

Polished Aqua (DE5724)

Vineyard (DE5648)

Potted Plant (DE5626)

Gold Sand (DE5429)

Seaport (DE5744)

Dull Sage (DE5499)

Ivory Keys (DEW353)

Alaskan Skies (DE5876)

Tune in for the next color study...Orange!