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NeoCon 2015: A Color+Design Trend Overview Part 1

Design Trends

NeoCon 2015 showcased another very successful year with top design firms displaying a plethora of new and innovative ideas for commercial color, product and design.

Susan McCullough, Senior Vice President at The Merchandise Mart, commented, "NeoCon has long been the ultimate conference and exposition for those in commercial interiors. This year, the show was even better than ever thanks to many new initiatives and events. Enthusiastic show-goers and exhibitors kept NeoCon buzzing until the final hour of the very last day. It’s become clear that the show has grown in size and scope and is on
a great track for years to come."

Commercial Trends Overview

Each year aisles and showrooms are perused in detail to bring you the latest in commercial design. Here are some of our favorite highlights.

Color! The showrooms were saturated with color and Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Institute of Color, presented the Winter 2016/17 commercial color trends revealed in eight color palettes.

Invisible – a soft palette filled with grays, blues, milky white color. The hues are ethereal and airy, serene and transparent.


Fade – a palette similar to Invisible but warmer through the influence of peach and mauve


Unmask – a contemporized ethnic color palette with an influence of a combination of cultures. The use of complementary coloring is noticeable with brick reds and teals. Color is vegetal, saturated and brilliant.


Change – an earthy palette infused with metallic and dust. Looking under the top layer of earth for coloring – inside earth, under the water. Blues and blue-greens are favored in this palette


Discover – a subdued palette with a touch of attention-getting yellow as the excitement. Blues and gray-blues are prevalent.


Reflect – a palette influenced by prisms. These hues of orange, coral, copper and spruce green highlight the reflective quality of coloring.


Proclaim – filled with botanical hues with the use of green variations and a spot of yellow


Exhibit – this confident palette screams for attention with brighter blues, reds and yellows


The Sounds of Silence: As loft spaces, warehouses and large, empty shells of buildings continue to fill up with businesses, vendors continue to showcase newer ways of muffling noise, creating privacy and still providing beautiful design and color. A few we noticed -



Zintra by Baresque


Buzzi Space



Privacy: With open space plans continuing to trend in commercial work environments, the need for privacy is increasing. Whether for taking 5 minutes to refresh to taking a private phone call, these vendors prove that private, flexible furnishings are chic, upscale and easy ways to provide a solution.


Knoll Inc. - Pop Up Screen


Humanitype Aurel Sound Calming Room Divider Screen


Sandler Seating - Cocoon

Health and Wellness: Creating space and time for a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle gets even easier with these options. From in-office bike storage to chairs that work the core muscle groups, you’ll be in shape in no time.



Via Seating - swopper AIR

Home as Office: West Elm has joined the commercial market with its new collection of furnishings. Partnering with Inscape, this collection focuses on bringing the home office environment into the work space.


West Elm Workspace with Inscape

Luxury: Luxury finishes and accessories are making their way back into the commercial arena as the economy improves and clients have more funds to spend on furnishing their ideal work environments. From natural animal leathers to high-end wood finishes, expect to see this trend continue.


Edelman Leather - Authentic Alligator


Collectors Special Woods - Wood slabs

To learn more, visit and stay tuned as we take a closer look at top design insights from NeoCon 2015.