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Modernism Week - The Architecture, Design and Lifestyle of Palm Springs

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Palm Springs, long ago a playground for the rich and famous, has once again become the hippest place to be during Modernism Week, a tribute to the golden era of Hollywood, along with the coolest in architecture, design and lifestyle in an events-packed week of events and parties. This annual event, now going strong in its 11th year, follows the mid-century lifestyle and attitudes of the architects, designers and Hollywood elite that made Palm Springs the place to be seen. Their mission is to celebrate and foster appreciation of mid-century design and architecture, as well as encourage education, preservation and enhancement of the history and future of design in Palm Springs.

Dunn-Edwards office wall

Dunn-Edwards Paints is proud to have become a Platinum sponsor of the 2016 Modernism Week, hosting a trade show booth at CAMP, Modernism Week’s main pavilion, partnering with Shag, the world-renowned designer and illustrator. Shag specializes in mid-century and tiki-culture themes that display a sense of humor to the characters who are typically shown eating, drinking, smoking and lounging in lavish surroundings. His work has become synonymous with Palm Springs; in fact, it’s become his second home. For further information, click here to read more on the life and work of Shag.

Shag Primal Cuts

Primal Cuts. Shag. 2016. Image Credit: Shag

Shag with Sailor Jerrys drink

Shag with Sailor-Jerry's Drink. Image Credit: Shag

Thomboy Properties, Inc. - a local design/build company headed by Jackie Thomas and DeeAnn McCoy -showcased its newest property to the Modernism Week crowds, and Dunn-Edwards was proud to donate paint to this mid-century modern marvel. Shawn Savage, a local artist that Jackie and DeeAnn use for their projects, also created 27 original paintings using Dunn-Edwards paint and colors. A true marvel! Stay
tuned for more in-depth reporting on this property.

IMG 1293

Pool garden

Hallway painted walls

Another premiere project that Dunn-Edwards Paints was proud to participate in was the Last Wexler Steel and Glass House estate, the final architectural design of the late world-renowned mid-century architect Donald
Wexler. The host of companies that understood the importance of completing this project in honor of Wexler included Better Built Inc., the building contractor; Marc Sanders, the design director and personal friend of Wexler; and the owners of the property, Alan Finkle and Shawn Rost of Mod Modern. We will showcase this beauty in more detail soon. Stay tuned!

IMG 1348

To top it all off, Dunn-Edwards opened its newest location in uptown Palm Springs. Located in the uptown design district along North Palm Canyon Drive, the latest Coachella Valley location is ready to assist in
product and color needs for local design professionals and consumers.

Modernism Week POSTER

Integral to the involvement with Modernism Week was the 2015 launch of the historic colors collection within the Then, Now & Forever™ collection. Several of these historic colors were of the mid-century era and highlighted during several Dunn-Edwards events. And, a classic color within the color system called DEC756 Weathered Brown was singled out as a favored color by celebrated and prolific mid-century architect William Krisel in a newly released book titled “William Krisel: The Language of Modernism.”

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Images courtesy Shag and by Dunn-Edwards Paints