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March Color of the Month: Verde

Design Trends

It’s been an uncharacteristically rainy season this winter. The results of which lush and verdant landscapes are just around the corner. So while green is a color often associated with spring and nature’s renewal our March Color of the Month, Verde (DE5627), is an especially prescient pick this year. From green meadows rife with super blooms, to the four leaf clovers of St. Paddy’s day, expect green everywhere you turn in March.

As a whole earth-inspired, natural hues are big trend we’re seeing this year as showcased by our 2019 Color of the Year.

Verde kitchen

The cool tones of green hues such as Verde can be used in spaces to create a calming or tranquil effect. Or similarly used to curate a clean, natural space rooted to its surroundings. In fact, just last year we even saw certain greens being used throughout the home as a neutral instead of white. Verde’s particular humble shade of green is a refreshing, optimistic color bright enough to infuse any space with life, without the
drama to overpower it.

Verde vegetables

Designing with Greens

  • This lively shade of green would make a great focal wall. Its eye-catching yet calming quality make it a great candidate for a kitchen. Alternatively it can help you harness focus and create calm in an office space, or achieve zen in a bathroom.
  • If you prefer a small splash of color, try pairing Verde with neutrals like Fossil (DE6225) and Muslin (DE6227).
  • To enhance Verde’s drama, use it in a dining room or living room with deep blues tones like that of Deep Ocean (DEA135) or Singing the Blues (DET576).
  • Verde is also a playful color, making it great for kid-friendly spaces. For a more fanciful feel, pair it with trendy Millennial Pinks, purples such as Grapevine (DET408), or soft yellows like Gentle Yellow (DE5421).
Verde can

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