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Looking Ahead: Color 2014

Design Trends

As we look forward to spring and summer 2014, it is sure to be another season of strong color. Breaking down our trend report, 2014 Simply Enlightenment, we find several key colors that - from fashion to home décor - will be highlighted in the coming season.


Influenced by sea and sky, blues in all shades will continue to make an impact. From lighter shades to darker blues, used on its own as a neutral replacement for black or brown or paired with a bright hue, blue will be everywhere.

DE5859 The Blues

DE5771 Shark

DE5837 Pool Party

DE5807 Bonnie Blue

DE5716 Rolling Waves

DEA139 Nautical


Green represents growth and renewal, a sure sign of spring. These green shades represent both natural and artificial environments as we continue to find balance between the two worlds. This season, there is less focus on neon shades and greater focus on saturated and citrus inspirations.

DE5527 Woven Reed

DE5677 Jungle

DE5578 Wasabi


Pink has become widely accepted as more than a color used for youth and gives many color palettes a pop of fresh playfulness. The wide range of pinks – coral to fuchsia – prove pink is here to stay for awhile.

DE5123 Cultured Rose

DE5025 Fuchsia Blush

DE5048 Pink Punch


Purple, a mysterious and thoughtful hue, is proving its staying power. We continue to find inspiration from this color and with the introduction of Pantone's 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, many shades of purple will be shown throughout fashion and consumer products.

DE5922 Pencil Lead

DE6018 Playful Plum

DEA144 Passionate Plum


Warm neutrals continue to uptrend and provide a base for other colors of the season. From beige to brown to warm gray, these tones have become more complex over time, tinted with other colors, and add another layer spring palettes.

DE6043 Mannequin

DE6171 Sand Dollar

DEC721 Slopes

DEC766 Steveareno Beige

DE6124 Whole Wheat

DE6118 Sandpit

Overall, color will continue to inspire and enlighten!

Images courtesy Bethany Nauert Photography and Thinkstock Images