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Keep Home Feeling Warm With Cozy Colors This Winter

Design Trends

Winter is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to transform your home by incorporating cozy colors to battle back the cold weather. Carefully selecting colors can make a room feel warm and inviting on even the coldest of days.

Colors such as red, orange, yellow, and warm brown can help create a space that feels friendly and bright. Understanding how to use these colors in tandem with inspirational painting ideas is essential. Consider:

•Painting the walls a warm color An all over wall color, or a single focal wall, in a warm hue can completely transform the look of your room. Make sure you choose a paint color that complements your furniture and provides balance with neutral warm tones in accessories and linens.

•Adding pops of warm colors If you're not ready to completely change the room's wall color you can add pops of color throughout the room. Painted furniture, accessories, and linens are all great ways to bring a warm color into the room without completely repainting.

•Upgrading the room's lighting Adequate lighting is vital in the dreary winter months. Natural light is at a premium so proper interior lighting can help boost the warmth of a room. Invest in full spectrum lights which will mimic the warm light of the sun.

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