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June Color of the Month: Summer Night

Design Trends

Few things have the ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia in same the way as our memories of summer nights. It’s no surprise then that summer nights are also a popular subject for musicians. Perhaps one of the most famous examples is the eponymous song “Summer Nights” from the musical “Grease.” John Travolta’s Danny Zucko and Olivia Newton John’s Sandy sing to their friends about their summer fling, recalling “ah, oh, those summer nights.”

As kids we usually spend summer nights carefree, out with friends or under the spell of a first love. The heat of day gives way to a peaceful wave of the evening’s quiet warmth. A feeling of contentment washes over us. We long for these nights during the cold winter months, and often, when we yearn for a simpler time our mind may drifts to those summer nights of years past. The month of June kicks off those warm, lazy summer nights, which makes Summer Night (DE5811) the perfect color of the month.


Dunn-Edwards’ Summer Night captures the dark blue sky on a clear, hot summer night. Shades of blue also have a cool, calming effect, making them ideal for creating tranquil spaces all year round, especially during those dog days of summer. This deep blue is an ideal color for the bedroom or any other space you want to give a feeling of relaxation. You can use dark blues for an accent wall or to cover all walls for a more dramatic effect.

Designing With Dark Blues

  • Go natural. According to Dunn-Edwards color expert Sara McLean, drawing color inspiration from nature is a key trend for 2018. Try pairing deep blues with beige neutrals, creams, soft yellows and lighter shades of green.
  • Since Summer Night is a dark blue, it can add drama to a room. Use it for larger spaces with good natural light, or as an accent wall to add interest in smaller spaces.
  • Colors that complement the this hue well are Bungalow Taupe (DE6172) and Milk Mustache (DE6169). Both are warm neutrals. For example, Summer Night plays well against toasted cream tones of the lines in the bedroom featured below.
  • Summer Night can be used to create an impact in just about any room, including the kitchen and bathroom. You may even consider Summer Night for your cabinetry color. While white can be right, we do love a good, colorful alternative. Opting for light flooring and counter surfaces with dark blue cabinets will maintain a crisp, clean feeling in the space.
  • When painting a whole room deep blue, make sure to choose lighter furniture and décor that offers a contrast to the darker walls. See how we’ve paired it with light blues, greens and corals.


Getting Started
This versatile deep blue can fit into any interior or exterior space. To bring the tranquility of a summer night indoors, download our Insta-Color® app and simply upload a photo from your personal library, or one from ours, to give the space an instant paint makeover. Order your free color sample here.

Images by STRUKTR Studios