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June Color of The Month: Lazy Daisy

Design Trends

Why It’s Our Color Of The Month



June’s color of the month is Lazy Daisy (DET491). Summertime brings months of bright and airy surroundings. Blonde hair lightens, skin glows, and the clothing color palette turns more to pinks and yellows than grays and blacks. As noted in our just released Color and Design Trend Report “yellow highlights sporty, summery and festive palettes.” And when it comes to soft hues such as June’s Lazy Daisy, these soft yellows energize pastels. An interior color like Lazy Daisy is the ideal complement to a summer color palette.

What’s In A Name?

Lazy Daisy’s vintage hue is reminiscent of the color of a mid-century classic dish of the same name. The Lazy Daisy Cake is a fluffy, moist vanilla cake with a deliciously sweet flavor and a mild yellow tint. Dunn-Edwards’ Lazy Daisy is a veritable slice of mid-century Americana. It’s no wonder then that this top interior paint color is a part of Dunn-Edwards Then, Now & Forever ® collection. In fact, Lazy Daisy is one of our 142 historically accurate paint colors. Learn more about this color and our other mid-century hues here. To see our mid-century color palette in action check out how our colors were used at Modernism Week 2017 on the Desert Eichlers, the redesigned Rennick House, and across the doors of Palm Springs Indian Canyon neighborhood.


How To Use Soft Yellows

This interior paint color looks great when paired with a white trim such as White Picket Fence (DET648) and accented with a darker, warm neutral such as Grain Mill (DET665). These colors are ideal for crafting interiors in a farmhouse style, or those that opt for a clean mid-century aesthetic. Our June Color of the Month Lazy Daisy creates the perfect mood of comfort and happiness, which is what summer is all about.



  • Lazy Daisy complements a farmhouse design scheme. When using Lazy Daisy in a traditional farmhouse design try pairing it crisp clean whites and rustic grey-toned woods.
  • Soft yellow interior paints like Lazy Daisy also lend themselves to creating a cheerful beach aesthetic. Try our June Color of the Month with deep blues and bring those ocean vibes into any interior.
  • To create a modern aesthetic with June Color of the Month Lazy Daisy, try pairing it decor accents in black and white. This stark contrast creates bold pops of color that maintains an overall cheerful, summery vibe.
  • For mid-century modern interiors, oranges, greens or blue-green hues make great accent colors.

Dunn-Edwards Lazy Daisy is composed of the highest-quality paint trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. Dunn-Edwards is committed to bringing you fresh paint colors for commercial, residential, and exterior uses. Get ahead of this color trend for 2018, use our InstaColor ® app to see what your walls will look like in Lazy Daisy right now! Just upload a picture or choose one from our library, click, and give it a paint job.