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Jason Yates: Every Self-Portrait is a Cry for Help

Artistic Inspiration

Welcome to the latest installation by Jason Yates. Located at MJ Briggs Gallery on Fairfax Avenue by husband and wife gallerist team Anna Meleksetian and MJ Briggs, the installation titled “Jason Yates: Every Self-Portrait is a Cry for Help" is open through December 1, 2012.

Jason Yates, who lives and works in Los Angeles, California, has showcased his work in past exhibits including Land of Tomorrow in Louisville, Kentucky; Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston, Texas and Circus Gallery in Hollywood, California among others.

This latest exhibit displays a hyper-stylized version of a bedroom, which transforms the gallery into an intimate, as well as public space. According to Meleksetian and Briggs, “Yates creates a tightly focused installation, a space where common, everyday objects: a bed, end tables, vanity, mirrors and wallpaper, are freed from their functional categorization. The mirrors, inscribed with Yates' hatch marks, serve as an entry point into the exhibition, confronting the viewer with his/her reflection, veiled, distorted, and fractured by the artist's markings. One has to lose oneself to enter the artist's constructed space."

The installation is located at MJ Briggs Gallery on 313 N Fairfax Ave (@ Beverly Blvd) 90036. Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m-6 p.m.

All photography by Fredrik Nilsen

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