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How to Achieve a Mature Vibe with Pastel Colors

Design Trends

Springtime is upon us, and with this new season comes flowers, sunshine and you guessed it, pastels. We’re loving this color trend right now, and pastel colors can be more mature than you might expect. For example, sneak a peek at the Eden Locke Hotel in Edinburgh, which sports pastels in its lobby and guest rooms.


Master bedroom at The Hidden Frey residence. Image credit: STRUKTR

Pastel paint colors, which have traditionally been associated with nurseries and children’s rooms, are breaking out beyond the stereotypes, cultivating a dose of elegant whimsy in any number of spaces. Take a look at the exclusively pastel palettes we’ve put together — these can easily be transitioned into your preferred design style.


This living room is a perfect example of how to use a pastel as the primary color in a space. Add some blue-toned pastels as accents, and a darker pastel like City of Pink Angels (DET434), to add some texture and dimension. The darker red tones in this color help to balance the softness of the room’s other pastels for a mature look.


If your tastes are more traditional, this palette is the perfect example of how to incorporate pastels into a space while maintaining its sophistication. Those soft pinks and lavenders can easily transform a living or dining room space. Using muted pastels like Mount Sterling (DE6317) and Alpine Moon (DE5953) in your room, and mixing and matching traditional pieces with more modern furniture pieces will also help keep your space feeling mature.


Image Credit: STRUKTR

Designing an adult space around pastel colors this spring is just the latest way we’re using color unexpectedly at Dunn-Edwards Paints. Pastels are not only a great way to add color to your space but they can help your maintain an open and airy feeling as well. Dunn-Edwards Paints has endless choices of interior and exterior paints to best compliment your space. Now, it’s easier than ever to realize your dream space by
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All photography used with permission