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Hotel Spotlight: Oceana Beach Club Hotel

The Oceana Beach Club Hotel, a classic California hotel with a 1950's feel, is located across the street from the grassy oceanfront bluffs in balmy, palm tree-lined Santa Monica. Bedrooms are stacked around a butter-yellow courtyard, ringed with balconies and walkways. In the center is a kidney-shaped turquoise pool, surrounded by loungers and big, downy cocoon-style chairs. The color palette is cool, all sea foam greens, cool blues and eye-popping whites, and is the perfect beach-side home away from home.


Image courtesy of Oceana Beach Club Hotel

Inside the hotel’s Hideaway Lounge, Dunn-Edwards’ Sheer Rosebud (DE5112) is featured on the walls. The soft pink tone, trimmed in the creamy white shade of Swiss Coffee (DEW341), provides charm and embodies mid-century seaside chic. Interior designer Chris Barrett said the overall concept for the Hotel Oceana’s design was to create something entirely different from anything else in the area, something unique that also appeals to luxury.


Image courtesy of Oceana Beach Club Hotel

Bright and breezy, guest rooms and suites are painted in a soothing shade of Dunn-Edwards Fizzle (DE5715), with canary yellow and cream décor. Huge windows look out over the ocean and have curtains billowing in fresh sea breezes. Some suites come with balconies affording spectacular sunset views, while all rooms and suites boast spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers.


Image courtesy of Oceana Beach Club Hotel



Image courtesy of Oceana Beach Club Hotel


DE5112 Sheer Rosebud


DE5715 Fizzle


DEW341 Swiss Coffee

The casual Tower 8 restaurant, one of the best-kept secrets in L.A., has tables right by the pool, and inside are bright green chairs arranged beneath framed vintage swimsuits. An à la carte menu of pizzas, pastas and sandwiches features ingredients from local farmers markets, as well as coastal Californian seafood and steaks.


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