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Hotel Focus: Manko Paris

Design Trends

Manko Paris, a restaurant by renowned interior designer Laura Gonzalez, is slick, colorful and warm with brass touches, dashes of sea blues, and banquettes and armchairs upholstered in bright, Inca-style fabrics. Named in honor of the legendary Inca Manco Capac, son of the sun god and founder of the Inca people, the restaurant has a strong visual identity. Extravagance has been applied to every inch of this space, from the luscious fabric selection, to the opulent metallic finishes seen throughout. While each item has its own individual character, there is a beautiful relationship between textures, finishes and luxury detailing that creates a united and welcoming style.

luxury golden bar and restaurant designs Manko Laura Gonzalez

Restaurant Bar

Material and texture play a key role in creating zones within this impressive space. In one area, exposed concrete pillars with a rough texture contrast beautifully against the smooth form and lines of the brass screen divide. Soft, earthy tones have been applied to the walls and contained within select pieces of furniture, echoing the use of hexagonal brick tiles on the floor. This earthy space has been carefully balanced with small injections of Prussian Blue in the upholstery of select side chairs, helping to create an atmosphere for a great dining experience.

Manko Laura Gonzalez Copyright D Delmas

Manko Laura Gonzalez Copyright D Delmas

Dining Area

In the bar and lounge area, brown, leather-studded arm chairs and emerald-green wall coloring dominate the space. Brass and gold are much more prominent, complemented by the luxurious, wood-paneled flooring, which adds to the air of luxury.

Manko Bar

Bar and Lounge

All photography used with permission