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Hotel Focus: Eden Locke

Design Trends

Pastel-colored walls, wicker furniture and an abundance of plantings are featured inside Eden Locke, a new 72-room boutique hotel located in Edinburgh. Designed by New York studio Grzywinski + Pons, the hotel interior was intended to contrast its 18th-century stone exterior with a tropical material palette. The designers “amplified the visual warmth of the long Scottish light with an approach that leaned toward the sophisticatedly tropical.”

Eden Locke reception

Hotel Reception

In the ground-floor cafe and bar area, green-painted walls are paired with a variety of wicker furniture custom-made by the studio, as well as knitted floor-cushions, while terracotta pots filled with greenery dot throughout. Other furnishings include the pale wooden chairs that are lined up in front of the windows, while a set of yellow pendant lights hangs above the bar and provides a contrast to the green. Shelving behind the bar is made up of marble and brass — materials that the architects chose to bridge the gap between the historic and the contemporary, along with leather, porcelain and stone.

Eden Locke studio lounge

Studio Lounge

Along with the 18th-century building, the architects also renovated its 20th-century rear extension, using the contrast of the spaces to their advantage in the bedrooms. Living areas are placed in the light and lofty spaces of the older structure, while bedrooms occupy the smaller newer rooms, yielding dynamic spaces.

Eden Locke studio bedroom

Eden Locke studio kitchen

Studio Bedroom and Kitchen

The studios continue a vibrant theme, where pale walls are contrasted with pops of yellow. In one room the walls are painted half pink and half gray — another nod to the joining of two eras. A wide range of materials are also featured in the rooms, ranging from mottled headboards, marble kitchen splash backs and a dark gray board that lines the walls in horizontal bands.

Eden Locke studio bathroom

Studio Bathroom

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches JUL-27-2017

Color Inspiration
All photography used with permission