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Holly Jolly 2016! Winter Color+Design Trends

Design Trends

The winter holiday season is here, filled with fresh ideas to celebrate this magical season. Highlighted here are several color and design trends to let your creativity soar – from color trends displaying more complexity in mid-tone greens, blacks, blush colors, gold metallic and blues, to materials and textures showcasing woods, metals, paper, glassware, sequins and glitter galore – all crafted to make this season truly inspiring.

A Classic Refresh

This year we are seeing the influence of black in traditional red and green color combinations. Black-and-white classics also pair with red and green for a fresh update to the classic Christmas color palette. Set the stage with red, green and white on a black background. Add holly wreaths, trees, and snowmen. Give Santa a new outfit updated with black accents to add modernity to the classic red and white Santa suit. Embellish the many classical motifs with ribbon, embroidery, glitter, stars, snowflakes, candy canes and berries.




Metallic Luxuries

Opulence and refinement are on display with the dominant use of gold. To create this lush scene, layer velvets, tulle and lace. Pile on metallic, ostrich feathers, faux fur, sequins, pearls and sugar beads.
Enhance with mercury glass, ribbons, frosted textures, stars, snowflakes, and blossom shapes. Luxury awaits!




A Holiday in the Tropics

Celebrate the holidays beach-style this year! While Santa is on vacation, walking in the sand, set the tropical scene with flamingos, parrots, toucans and palm trees. The retro theme is a throwback to the 1950s,
complete with mid-century nostalgia. Incorporate sea creature ornaments such as sea horses, lobsters, tropical fish, clam shells and coral. This colorful trend also includes red hibiscus, birds of paradise, pineapples, colorful glassware and light metallic. Complete the scene with pearls, sea glass, and natural woods.




Quiet Winter Morn

A walk through the winter forest highlights the array of browns trending through 2017, with gold in a supporting role. In this minimalist, nature-based holiday trend, the many species of trees – maple, oak, elm and birch – are all on display, while evergreen trees play a supporting role. Add forest creatures in patterns and textures such as deer, foxes, birds, rabbits, raccoons and wolves. Texture is key with natural textiles – cotton, canvas,
faux fur, hide and leather. Finish off the scene by including pine cones, nuts, seeds and berries.




It’s a Three-Ring Circus!

This holiday trend reflects a focus back to children, complete with balloons, circus posters and ornaments with a variety of circus characters – including lion tamers, ringmasters, horses, zebras, elephants, and monkeys. Go over-the-top with canvas tents and costumes. Infuse with metal signs, colorful glass, unicycles and tiny cars. Its Life under the Big Top!





The '30s and '40s mid-century brought new waves of holiday designs and, this year, we look back to these decades for this holiday inspiration. The variety of mid-century trends continues to gain popularity, and we start with holiday greetings in mid-century typography, then add retro Christmas-tree lights and tree-toppers. Santa is key to this theme, typically shown sitting in his sleigh, climbing the chimney or filling stockings. Add candy canes, wrapped candies, jingle bells, reindeer, snowflakes and milk-and-cookies snacks. Final details include ribbon, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, origami, stripes, painted woods and colorful ornaments.




Happy Holidays from all of us at Dunn-Edwards!