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Holiday 2017 Color+Design Trends

Design Trends

The winter holidays are back and better than ever! With an abundance of trend themes taking center stage this season, here are some of our favorites to inspire you:

Tickle Your Funny Bone
What better way to express your holiday thoughts than through humor? Quips and quotes infuse laughter into the season, with a blend of tradition with attitude. Cheeky and clever statements dot ornaments and linens,
while classic holiday characters are displayed in off-beat poses such as snowmen lounging by the pool or deer wearing ornaments on their antlers. Color is classic red and green with traditional winter accents.

Tickle Your Funny Bone

Funny cupcake card

Funny Christmas ornament. Cupcakecardsandco on

Funny tree ornament

Funny Christmas ornament. Epic Wood Designs on

For Goodness' Sake
Handmade décor brings the holiday season back to the basics, as elements are designed with love and care. A neutral palette is accented by minimal color treatments such as black or red. Materials and textures are
elemental. Paper is key— whether brown-paper wrapping or origami-shaped decorations.

For Goodness Sake

Anthropologie handmade

Painted wood ornament by Anthropologie

Anthropologie handmade 2
Wooden tree ornaments by Anthropologie

Anthropologie handmade 3

Urban Agriculture Christmas Tree Grow Kit by Anthropologie

Have a Haute Holiday
Elegant and upscale color and décor yield a lavish holiday setting. With a warm color palette, this trend features pearl, iridescent and metallic luster finishes. Sumptuous fabrics and opulent details — such as songbirds and peacocks — create the finishing lavish touches.

Have a Haute Holiday

Anthropologie luxury

Faux Fur Stocking by Anthropologie

Anthropologie bird ornament

Prestigious Plumes Ornament by Anthropologie

Anthropologie luxury present

Prussian Snow Gift Wrap by Anthropologie

A Breath of Fresh Air
Suffusing nature into the holidays adds a fresh beauty to the trends this season. Layers of green provide the base, while a variety of bloom and berry hues add contrast — from lavender to bright, punchy pink. Complete the setting with butterflies and birds, as well as pine cones and moss.

A Breath of Fresh Air tones

Anthropologie blooms

Glinted Houseplant Ornament by Anthropologie

Anthropologie blooms 2Anthropologie

Remember When?
Tradition reigns supreme during the winter holidays, and many familial customs are displayed within this trend. A return to traditional and revival styles is on-trend through 2018 (as our 2018 Color+Design trend report suggests), and this holiday trend supports this theme. Retro-1940s farmhouse kitchen designs and décor suggest a homemade touch infused with love. Farm-to-table feasts are set against weathered woods, stoneware and hand-thrown ceramics. Color is updated traditional, with layers of red, maroon, brown, gray, blue and green.

Remember When tones

Anthropologie country christmas

Puppy Lodge Ornament by Anthropologie

Anthropologie country christmas 2

Captured Woodland Ornament by Anthropologie

It’s Time for an Adventure!
Safari themes grace holiday décor this year — from lions and tigers, to elephants and rhinos. Recent efforts to save these animals in their natural habitats have spurred the adventuresome theme into this year’s holiday trend highlights. Poised portraits of these regal creatures are shown on ornaments and accessories, while faux animal stripes and spots dot fabrics and textures. Color is neutral and masculine.

It's Time for an Adventure tones

etsy handmade animals

Vintage Raffia Giraffe Figurines by Stall69UK on

Anthropologie safari

Majestic Tassels Ornament by Anthropologie

Fresh, Fallen Snow
Winter wonderland and snowflakes are an annual holiday traditional theme. Therefore, to keep on-trend, this year we see additional layers of iridescence, white peacocks and crystals. Polar bears from prior years keep an element of tradition, and ice adds to the frozen scenery. Sparkly white is a key color — while additions of frozen lake blues and deep green pine add depth.

Fresh Fallen Snow tones

Anthropologie winter wonderland

Stitched Scene Stocking by Anthropologie

Anthropologie winter wonderland 2

Ski Slope Snow Globe by Anthropologie

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dunn-Edwards Paints!