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Holi Celebrates Spring in a Burst of Color

Artistic Inspiration

Holi, a Krishna celebration of color, began in India to announce the arrival of spring and passing of winter. Yearly traditional festivals provide an atmosphere of social interaction and colorful sights and -- in the Southwest -- recent celebrations included Los Angeles, California and Spanish Fork, Utah. During festival time, people throw red, yellow, green, blue, black and silver powder on each other, signifying throwing their worries out the window. An amazing celebration of color!

The Legend Behind the Festival
According to legend, the word Holi came from the demoness Holika, a sister of the demon king Hiranya Kashipu (meaning love of gold and a soft bed), who had proclaimed his supremacy over the Universe. The king, angry over his son's devotion to Lord Vishnu, decides to punish his son and has Holika carry the son, Prahlad, into the fire; but divine intervention prevails and destroys Holika, saving Prahlad. Therefore, Holi is a celebration to mark the burning of the evil Holika.

Journey to India
Holi is an especially important celebration in northern India. It is a time to celebrate the love of Radha and Krishna and the spraying of colored powders signifies the love of Krishna for his devotees.

Take a moment and see what this colorful tradition looks like for yourself!

What We Witnessed at the Los Angeles Holi. Festival of Colors

See the 2012 Holi. Festival of Colors

To learn more about the festival, visit and
Photography by Sara McLean

Videos courtesy the organizers at Holi. Festival of Colours