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Highland Palms Hideaway Sparkles With Redesign in Coachella Valley

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The Coachella Valley and its desert cities have drawn many families and creative types in recent years, people seeking a relaxed way of life with a dash of culture and design. Shannon and Andrea Chavez join a string of others we’ve highlighted like Jackie Thomas and DeeAnn McCoy of Thomboy Properties and Joel and Meelena Turkel of Turkel Designs who have designed and revamped desert properties, calling the area their home. Drawn to the quiet living the desert affords, the Chavez family purchased a home in La Quinta that serves as their weekend getaway spot for themselves, as well as a vacation rental.





Shannon and Andrea Chavez bought their home in La Quinta knowing it needed a major redesign. In its original form, the home was very dated, featuring a kaleidoscope of interior wall colors including watermelon, dark brown and blue, which did not fit with the light and modern vibe the family aimed to create. The full renovation of the house, which included just about everything except the pool, took about four months, with one to two weeks dedicated to repainting. Their vision of a restful paradise with easy access to the outdoors, dinner on the patio, a dip in the pool was a success.





When it came to redesigning the home, they took their paint color choices seriously. “Attracting guests with photos will get you bookings and any missteps in color choices and design will not likely work in your favor,” stated Shannon. Although they already had ideas on the colors they wanted to choose, they turned to a Dunn-Edwards Professional Color Advisor to help guide them in their final color selection. “The biggest takeaway from all of this is to trust a professional as we had originally wanted the house to be all white with teal doors. We ended up with a different white house with dark gray doors and couldn't be happier,” she explained.


Working with a Professional Color Advisor, the homeowners decided on CAVERNOUS (DE6364) for the front door





The Professional Color Advisor educated the Chavez family on how different shades of white can photograph along with paint coverage and durability. With all this in mind, the family chose Droplets (DEW381) for the interior and exterior walls and Cavernous (DE6364) for the door. “The door color was by far the hardest choice we made as it was so different than what we originally had in mind. The dark door has a lot of depth and contrasts perfectly with the white exterior,” stated Shannon.





Incorporating Dunn-Edwards paint into their redesign was a no-brainer for the Chavez family, who’ve chosen the paint for previous homes and have been impressed with its coverage. “We’ve loved how long-lasting and durable the products are,” stated Andrea. “We had a lot of loud colors on the walls and Dunn-Edwards paint was able to cover with ease.” To connect with our Coachella Valley Dunn-Edwards stores, visit our store list here.

For other examples on how paint can turn drab desert homes to stylish weekend digs, check out our feature on a desert cabin that went from “meh,” to “wow” with the help of Dunn-Edwards paint.

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