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Harvest Abundance: 2013 Thanksgiving Color Trends and Palettes

Design Trends

 alt=The sights and sounds of the holidays are upon us once again. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, there are several trends to note in color and décor. Expressing the many moods of the season, these trends and colors are sure to get the creativity flowing for your fall design projects.

Fall Harvest Décor

This year we see several trends in décor and design for the Thanksgiving holiday. Each trend incorporates a distinct ambiance into the design and allows for sophistication, tradition, modernity, humor and creativity.

A Long Pilgrimage

In honor of the nation's beginning, we look to Plymouth Rock and the first Thanksgiving. Standing on tradition and history, textures and materials take on a worn and weathered look as if everything is from long ago. Special details to include are stone-cast figurines of pilgrims; dull pewter metals on details such as candlesticks or pumpkins; birch bark; tree roots; feathers; natural materials such as cotton and wool; and Indian corn, corn husks and wheat stalks.

A Long Pilgrimage Color Palette

DE6067 Crushed Stone

DE6355 Tarnished Silver

DE5055 Merlot

DEA194 Mulberry

DE5124 Southwestern Clay

DE5319 Lion's Mane

DE5328 Driftwood

DE6119 Neutral Valley

DE5183 Light Carob

DE5208 Harvest Time

DE5647 Reeds

DE6392 Mink

A Plentiful Harvest

As the season changes -- providing us with crisp and cool mornings; late-afternoon, warm sunny days; and early evening sunsets -- harvest colors open up in a world right outside our front door. Pressed leaves inspire the trend, with the warm reds, golds, oranges, browns and yellows providing a leading role this season. Other autumn elements include apples, gourds, berry clusters, nut shells, acorns and, of course, pumpkins in all their natural coloring. Show your creativity by adding handcrafted décor such as metal turkeys, felt craftwork, burlap, leaf rakes, and craft paper designs. Smoked and opaque glass, glazed ceramic, rough pine and old-fashioned candles complete the scene.

A Plentiful Harvest Color Palette

DE5285 Antique Brass

DE5125 Red River

DE5242 Beeswax

DE5054 Candied Apple

DE6090 Western Red

DE5389 Ripe Pineapple

DEA130 Lucky Clover

DE5006 Plum Passion

DE5578 Wasabi

DEC711 Cliff Brown

DEA188 Black Bay

DE5418 Gilded

Curated Vintage

Looking to early 20 th-century commercial enterprises and kitchen advertising as inspiration, this trend includes industrial and apothecary design, offering a fresh idea for a holiday setting. Look for old-fashioned food scales, metal letters from letterpresses, buttons, chalkboards with the holiday menu and first-edition book collections to set up the design. Also include apothecary jars, bread tins and pressed metalwork, as well as textiles that are reminiscent of Art Nouveau design and color.

Curated Vintage Color Palette

DE6314 Dark Pewter

DEW358 Milk Glass

DEC700 Teatime Mauve

DEC701 Revival Rose

DEC702 Antique Rose

DE5772 Blue Spruce

DE5822 Silver Storm

DE5571 Ivy Enchantment

DEA105 Cherry Bomb

DE5445 Tanami Desert

DE5348 Corn Harvest

DE6003 Sweetie Pie

Monochromatic Moods

Let's face it. As Halloween, one of the most colorful times of the year, recedes from memory, some long for a softened and muted palette. Trending upward for the past few seasons, a monochromatic palette continues to be an inviting entrée into the late fall. Metallics,whites and wheat coloring pair well with honey gold for a relaxed setting. White painted antlers, wheat stalks, garland made of acorns, black-and-white charcoal etchings and white pumpkins provide additional layers to the design.

Monochromatic Moods Color Palette

DEW313 Early Snow

DEW351 Antique White

DEW395 Heirloom Shade

DE6110 Warm Hearth

DE6160 Fall Harvest

DE6165 Toasted Marshmallow

DE6167 Antique Honey

DE5270 Apple Cider

DE6157 Bisque Tan

DE6155 Soft Ivory

DEC752 Birchwood

DE5728 Tinted Ice

Spice Market

As the smells of Thanksgiving and late fall start permeating the air, one is transported to global spice markets. The robust scents of cinnamon, herbs, allspice, apple cider and roasting seeds provide a strong spice market palette, popular for today's Thanksgiving and fall décor. Deep and bright reds, ginger orange, and browns provide the foundation to this earthy palette, while touches of spicy mustard and citrus brighten the room. Add jars of spices, clove-infused oranges and pomegranates -- along with multi-patterned textiles, Spanish-carved candlesticks and earthenware -- for a complete look for your festivities.

Spice Market Color Palette

DE5384 Spicy Mustard

DE5466 Citrus Spice

DE5151 Cinnamon Stick

DE5621 Wild Thyme

DE6152 Maple View

DE6032 Hazelnut

DE5090 Pomegranate

DEA159 Rich Mocha

DE5193 Spiced Nectarine

DE5271 Ginger Spice

DE5251 Spice Cake

DE5407 Pumpkin Seed

A Blue Harvest

Blue has been uptrending the past few years, charging full force into the mainstream, as well as holiday décor. Thanksgiving is no exception, and the addition of blue to the season is a modern, fresh approach to the tradition of the season. Aged and deep midnight blues add backdrops with additional layers of cream, orange-reds, and gold metallic accents. Hand-painted touches in furnishings and decorations are paired with blue and white pumpkins and gourds, cream candles, pewter dinnerware and blue-tinted glassware. Add special touches with burlap and linen textiles, knotted-rope napkin rings and driftwood for an elegant, yet casual setting.

A Blue Harvest Color Palette

DE6304 Blustery Wind

DE6312 Dusty Dream

DEC786 Miner's Dust

DEC787 Mythical Blue

DE5247 Allspice

DE6155 Soft Ivory

DE6187 Veranda Gold

DE5179 Bronzed Orange

DE5795 Spirit Mountain

DE6316 Cold Water

DE5207 Pecan Veneer

DE5144 Pouring Copper

Fashion Forward

Fashion meets interior design in this modern take on the fall festivities. Pairing some of our 2013 trend colors with Pantone's fall 2013 fashion color palette, this modern scheme is sure to please the hipster crowd looking to move from the past into a new set of traditions. Begin with a winter white, orange and gray color palette base, then add touches of trendy accents such as emerald, brilliant blue and deep plum. Plaid and paisley textiles are paired with crisp white linen, piled with white mini pumpkins, gray pebbles, ripe pears and squash. Square white plates, small scotch tumblers and an abundance of candles set in driftwood complete the setting.

Fashion Forward Color Palette

DE5755 Carnival Night

DE5699 Emerald Pool

DE5479 Hay Day

DEA136 Beautiful Blue

DEA143 Purple Odyssey

DEA107 Hot Jazz

DE5202 Desert Spice

DE6230 Center Ridge

DEA103 Striking Red

DE5797 Slate Wall

DEA158 Northern Territory

DEA146 Scarlet Apple

Woodland Creatures

The creatures running around the forests and fields have entered the home. Owls are still abundant and foxes are gaining popularity. Add friendly squirrels and other critters and pair them with pine needles, branches, acorns and moss. Burlap and log cabin-inspired textiles add depth, while colorful dinnerware and thick glassware set the base layer. A precursor to the Christmas holiday trend, woodland creatures provide a fun twist on the rough luxe trend home and giftware collections.


Woodland Creatures Color Palette

DE5146 Campfire

DE6354 Gray Wolf

DEC732 Aspen Yellow

DEA162 Log Cabin

DE6352 December Sky

DE5978 Plum Wine

DE5572 Sage Leaves

DE5569 Hidden Hills

DEA152 Deep Crimson

DEW330 Snug Cottage

DEA164 Autumn Bark

DEA175 Black Forest

Happy Thanksgiving!