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Happy St Patrick’s Day! Color Palette Inspirations

Artistic Inspiration

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night." – traditional Irish toast

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today we find inspiration in the colorful history of Ireland and its architecture and design. As an official holiday, this day is enjoyed by more countries in the world than any other national holiday, while in the US, New York City and Chicago hold tremendously large celebrations. In fact, since 1962, Chicago dumps green dye into the Chicago River to honor St Patrick and the Irish.

History Behind the Color
The true color for St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is blue and can still be seen today in ancient Irish flags. In the 1700s, green replaced blue and became the official color for Ireland, which is now one of three colors shown on the modern flag of Ireland.

With its beautiful countryside, Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle, and the expression “wearing of the green" refers to the shamrock St. Patrick used for his religious teachings and also for the bright green uniforms worn during the 1798 Irish Rebellion.

The Official Colors
With the variety of greens representing Ireland and the holiday – from Kelly green to Emerald to Shamrock – here are some color palette inspirations to try. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Color Palette 1 - Luck of the Irish

DEA126 Leprechaun

DEA130 Lucky Clover

DE6130 Wooded Acre

DE6128 Sand Dune

DEA103 Striking Red

DE5795 Spirit Mountain

Color Palette 2 - View of Cork City Hall, Ireland on St Patrick's Day

DEA129 Charmed Green

DE5145 Orange Daylily

DEC737 Jakarta

DEA128 Spring Juniper

DE6329 Cover of Night

DE5144 Pouring Copper

Color Palette 3 - A Walk in the Park

DE5712 Stately Stems

DE6220 Porous Stone

DE6221 Flintstone

DE5593 Four Leaf Clover

DEW358 Milk Glass

DEC787 Mythical Blue

Color Palette 4 - Artistic Endeavor

DE5685 Irish Beauty

DE5411 Fresh Pineapple

DE5110 Prime Pink

DE5844 Splish Splash

DEW380 White

DE5969 Purple Premiere

Color Palette 5 - Flower Power

DE5608 Irish Charm

DE5605 Flower Stem

DE5515 Ripe Pear

DE6157 Bisque Tan

DE6155 Soft Ivory

DE6310 Rainy Season

Color Palette 6 - Exterior Views

DE5593 Four Leaf Clover

DE6172 Bungalow Taupe

DE6170 Rice Bowl

DE5589 Greenhouse Glass

DE6241 Lunar Landing

DE6069 Bannister Brown

Color Palette 7 - Beachy Green

DE5629 Emerald Ring

DE5675 Sprig of Mint

DE5674 Faint Clover

DE5159 Fresh Cantaloupe

DE5033 Raspberry Parfait

DE6114 Dry Dune

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