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Hanabi: Dunn-Edwards 2021 Color + Design Trends

Design Trends

Hanabi: a Japanese term meaning “fireworks.” Hana = flower. Bi = fire.

Hanabi explores the codes of inclusive, optimistic and laid-back design re-creating links between the generations. Borrowing energy and inventiveness from our childhood, then turning this vivacity and creativity
into a collaborative and festive playground. Finding better solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.


Embracing childhood through spontaneity and freedom of play, designs showcase happy and wide-ranging results, more artistic in nature, that show you don’t have to take life so seriously. Design can provide cheerful and upbeat escapes from the everyday.


Hanabi asks us to look at design through the eyes of a child — an easy-going approach in which the space is brightened by playful shapes and colors and plays-on-scale.



The Hanabi color palette is experimental and fresh. Early-childhood shades of marshmallow pink, mint and bleached yellow boost the playful palette, which is darkened by bright blues and greens and stimulated by radiant purple and coral.


Color can play a role in function and fun. Monochromatic coating and graphic color blocking reveal practical purposes, while highlighting the enjoyment that design can bring to commercial and residential spaces. Multicolored and childlike graphics are shown on floor trails, resulting in wayfinding fun.


Color Palette


Materials and Textures

Hanabi creations are artistic, filled with freedom of movement and rediscovery of childhood dreams. The playground inspiration is brought to life through vivid, fruity color combinations, handmade textures and fun graphic decoration. A positive and spontaneous new spirit reflects our wish to prolong childhood, as
well as not take oneself too seriously Vibrant, colorful and brimming with charm, key materials and textures include:

  • Children’s drawings — rediscover the spontaneity of childhood through sketches or an artistic combination of effects with crayon drawings and clay models. Liberation can be found in creative freehand drawings as figurative or abstract patterns look as though they have been doodled with a felt-tip pen.


  • Creative compilations — from furniture to accessories, we envision reassembled color-collage forms using scissors or 3D printers to create new, unique designs.
  • Line drawings — surface patterns are inspired by simple stripes and colorful shapes in color. Serpentine tubing or dotted hatching add line interest.


  • Volume — classics are revamped in plump and oversized shapes; fresh designs with playground vibes and glossy textures.
  • Typography and graphics — comic forms are embraced through speech balloons and high-impact typography. Storytelling is rediscovered through characters on product packaging, wall art and other inspired outlets — inviting us to envision these tales through the eyes of children.


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