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Halloween 2014 Color+Design Trends

Design Trends

Bringing us spooky visions of ghosts, zombies and witches — Halloween is, once again, upon us. And, because Halloween is on a Friday this year, we have special opportunities to celebrate in 2014. This year's Halloween trends provide ample design creativity for kids and adults, alike. From highlighting television themes such as “American Horror Story “and “The Walking Dead," to showcasing historical and Old West themes, these trends are sure to inspire. Happy Halloween!

Ghost Town

Revel in the ghost towns of the American West. From haunted saloons, to steer skulls, buzzards, tumbleweeds and ghostly bandits, the setting is dusty, desolate and almost deserted. Other design details include a hangman's noose, pine coffins, headstones, snake bones and gun-toting jack-o'-lanterns. Fabrics and textiles to add as layers include plaids, stripes, bandanas, burlap, denim and leather. Add patchwork, rope, shearling, gunmetal and rusted iron to complete the theme.

DE5327 Ghost Town

DE5125 Red River

DEA149 Spiced Berry

DE6042 Bear in Mind

DE5195 Bright Mango

DE5348 Corn Harvest

DEA179 Enchanting Ivy

DE6112 Cedar Chest

DEA104 Red Icon

DE6389 Fallen Rock

DE5522 Palm Frond

DE5853 Blue Earth

Voodoo Magic

New Orleans has a power and magic unlike any other American town. Celebrate the Big Easy with the voodoo spirit of Baron La Croix as the master of ceremonies. Sprinkle in a bit of magic symbols, New Orleans jazz bands, skull masks and crescent moons. Add texture and pattern with fleur de lis, scroll elements, flowers, skulls, black cats, beads, feathers and smoked glass. Inspired by voodoo incense, use home fragrances such as Spanish moss, red clover, honey or cypress.

DE5153 Iron Ore

DE5369 Laredo Road

DE5782 By the Bayou

DEA191 Magic Night

DE5307 Ripe Pumpkin

DE5027 Razzle Dazzle

DE6000 Vibrant Orchid

DEA107 Hot Jazz

DE6131 Teddy Bear

DE5388 Sour Lemon

DEA160 Hope Chest

DE5836 Sail Away

Spirits of the Nile

Ancient Egypt offers a plethora of ideas for this Halloween theme. From mummies and pyramids, to ancient artifacts and Pharaohs, the Nile comes alive. Design details include pyramid shapes, mummified mannequins, hieroglyphs, amulets, headdresses, snakes and chariots. Add lotus flowers, papyrus grass, plastic beetles and cobras, and lots of linen and gauze. Wax, clay, petrified wood and wicker snake baskets complete the scene.

DE5359 Crossroads

DE6153 Pyramid

DEA145 Wine Stain

DE6118 Sandpit

DE5502 Serpentine

DE5768 Mysterious Blue

DE5171 October Haze

DEA155 Arabian Red

DE5923 Deep Mystery

DE5921 Your Shadow

DE5216 Autumn Umber

DE5019 Rosewine

The Walking Dead

Another television favorite for fans of the horror genre is “The Walking Dead." Set as a post-apolyptic horror drama, this series features zombie “walkers" galore. Zombie costumes will be a sure hit this Halloween, and macabre design details to add include body parts such as hands as candy dishes or protruding from lawns. Finger-shaped tapered candles, wax lips, human heads and hearts are additional iconic figurines for this design. Other details — such as neoprene skin textures, butcher's work area setup, welcome mats with dirt stains from the zombies, apocolyptic signs and fingerprints — complete “The Walking Dead" scene.

DEA103 Striking Red

DEC750 Bison Beige

DEA183 Dark Shadows

DE6102 Hayride

DE5082 Redstone

DEA109 Bonfire Flame

DE6370 Charcoal Smudge

DE5212 Natural Tan

DE5776 Lunar Eclipse

DEA120 Goldenrod

DEA102 Crimson Strawberry

DE6321 Soot

Dressed to Kill

Halloween goes high-style, showing that even this holiday can be celebrated with a bit of sophistication. At the stroke of midnight, guests will enter wearing tuxedos or sequined gowns and black pearls. Drinks include blood red wine served in matte black glassware and platters of food with crystal-encrusted skulls. Black roses are everywhere, along with masquerade-style masks, black glitter and spider-web lace designs. Add extravagent fabrics such as silk, velvet and metallics. Gold, alabaster and lacquered surfaces top the night off in style.

DE6357 Black Tie

DEW380 White

DEC751 Ash Gray

DEA153 Glitzy Red

DEA115 Orange Jewel

DEC705 Burnt Crimson

DE5951 Exotic Evening

DEA164 Autumn Bark

DEA108 Red Power

DEA152 Deep Crimson

DE6111 S'mores

DE6396 Ashen Plum

A Witch's Kitchen

Designed for the kids, this trend is perfect for even the youngest to celebrate. Centered on all things sugary and sweet, the witch's kitchen is the hub of excitement this season. Recipe books with potions and brews, alongside tomes of curses and spells line the shelves. Cookies are decorated like zombies, ghosts, cats and scarecrows, while punch bowls are filled with orange punch with vapors rising. Layer the design with black and white stripes, candy corn favors, canisters labeled with questionable ingredients such as Eye of Newt, glazed ceramics and fluorescent paint. The mood is light and festive for the little ones.

DE5522 Palm Frond

DE5307 Ripe Pumpkin

DE6301 Hidden Forest

DE5088 Apple Valley

DEW358 Milk Glass

DE5483 Light of the Moon

DE5031 Think Pink

DE6362 Storm Cloud

DE5018 First Plum

DE5450 Sugar Cookie

DE5724 Polished Aqua

DEA192 Violet Shadow

Street Spirit

Mischief and mayhem wreak havoc on the streets with teams of phantoms riding motorcycles through town. Riding leather jackets with symbols of wings and flames showcase the counter-culture theme. Add tattoos, street graffiti, plastic bones and punk rock to the party. Materials — such as old tires, bare bulbs, concrete candle holders, spray-painted ghosts and painted glass — set the scene. Embellish with wire, LED lights, spikes, studs and biker logos to feel the full free spirit of this holiday.

DE6350 Dark Engine

DE5859 The Blues

DEA151 Red Ink

DE6021 Outer Boundary

DE6381 Silver Bullet

DE5542 Early Harvest

DE5223 Energy Orange

DEC765 Bone

DEA166 Tavern Creek

DEA168 Pirate's Gold

DE5738 Castaway

DE5060 Rock 'n' Rose

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead every November 1, has become a trend celebration throughout America, Asia and South America. Tying naturally to the season, Halloween is a perfect time to begin this rejoicing of memories of past loved ones. Decorated with skulls, flowers, and designs with Aztec roots, the display continues with skeletons adorned in sombreros or embroidered dresses; Mariachi-band musicians; and floral displays and wreaths of marigolds, the flower of the dead. Enhance the design Lucha Libre wrestlers and masks; scrolling lines; colorful glass; skulls; and brightly colored embroidery, lace, gemstones, fringe and cotton.

DEA154 Red Revival

DEA112 Exuberant Orange

DE5111 Rose Fusion

DEA119 Electric Glow

DEA143 Purple Odyssey

DE5012 Vivid Violet

DE5481 Moss Stone

DE6329 Cover of Night

DEA127 Wild Forest

DE5724 Polished Aqua

DE5409 Sun Surprise

DE5839 Ink Blotch

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