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Get Serious Color Inspiration courtesy of these Three National Parks

Artistic Inspiration

With much of summer travel plans curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to road trips and venturing to nearby locales. Our own backyards America’s rich and varied landscape can offer a sense of awe and remoteness. That’s especially true when road tripping at one of the west’s unspoiled national parks such as Arizona’s Saguaro National Park or California’s Joshua Tree National Park. Each of the parks is unique in its own natural beauty and geologic features and so we wondered, what would color palettes inspired by national parks look like? Explore below for our answers.

Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park boasts its namesake trees, craggy boulders, and the convergence of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts two distinct ecological systems. While notably famous for its dusty landscapes and pink-orange sunsets, this particular color palette featuring an ombre sunset of velvety blues merging with grapes and violets is particularly surreal. Try this calming palette in a study or bedroom.


Yosemite National Park


A sense of awe washes over visitors as they gaze upward from the valley floor, taking in the angular granite walls of Yosemite National Park. Long waterfalls flow in the spring and summer, trees and a variety of grasses turn shades of yellow in the fall. Perhaps uniquely spectacular is the way sunlight reflects on the Horsetail Fall at the right angle in February, setting it on “fire” against a ruddy cliff wall. These colors shades of brown, rose and a bright yellow echo our Co-Habitants 2020 color trend story with a grouping that reflects our deep desire to connect with the earth and surrounding environments. Try these rosy terracotta hues in a living room with Highlighter (DE5404) as a pop of bright color in décor or accessories.


Saguaro National Park


Think of any western film, show or book and the image of tall saguaro cacti come to mind. For that reason, the saguaro is a quintessential icon of the American West. Indigenous to this particular spot in Arizona, Saguaro National Park is a haven for the rare plant species. This particular national park displays a beautiful color palette of greens, from dark tones to mint, all set off against a glowing orange sky. Try these tones in a dining room, study, or with Dark Shadows (DEA183) on a chair wall and the green shades the colors of the walls.


If you feel inspired to bring these national park palettes into your home, but shy about making a commitment too soon, use our InstaColor® app and digitally test drive colors on walls before ever using a paintbrush. For more colors of summer check out our newest collaboration with Palm Springs lifestyle brand Superbloom.