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Fun Ways to Paint the Exterior of a Home

Design Trends

When homeowners think about improving the curb appeal of their home, paint color has a huge impact on exterior appearance. With some inspirational painting ideas, the exterior of a home receives a fresh, unique look that has neighbors and visitors pausing to take a second look.

Breezy Beaches

Using sand and aqua as exterior paint colors gives a home a beach vibe and breezy feel. Aqua recalls scenes of rolling waves and sand evokes memories of warm, shimmering beaches perfect for relaxation. An aqua painted front door and roof overhangs are the perfect accent against sand-colored siding, while neat, white trim keeps the look polished and refined.

Refreshing Mint

The combination of soft mint siding with white trim creates a picture of spring beauty in any climate and on any style of home. To go bolder with the look, paint shutters navy blue for a stunning contrast of light and dark that's striking and classic.

Day Skies and Dark Night

A lovely, watery blue color on a house is calming and serene and receives an amplifying kick from black shutters. The darker color adds the depth and mystery of the night while the lighter blue illuminates the exterior.

Shades of Gray

Gray has more life than people perceive. For an exterior with various kinds of materials such as brick masonry and siding, painting each material a different shade of gray adds a subtle sophistication that's impossible to ignore. That added layer of intrigue gives a gray home elegant personality and style.

Juicy Orange and Navy

The classic look of a navy home with white trim receives a juicy boost from a bright orange door or other warm color such as red or yellow.

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