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February Color of the Month: Amour

Design Trends

February is the month that we, of course, celebrate Valentine’s Day. Like most holidays, there are colors we often associate with the day and in the case of Valentine’s Day, we’re no doubt talking about reds and pinks. They are the tones that conjure images of love, relationships, and romance. That is why this February, we’re highlighting one major red that perfectly combines the best of both pink and red, Amour (DE5104).


We’re already seeing shades of red trend as one of the hottest colors for the new year. You can even see it on display throughout the new Faena Hotel in Miami, where the color was used as a guiding principle to conjure the glamour of Miami Beach of the 1950s.

The Psychology of Red + Pink
The color red symbolizes strength, passion and love. It also has the ability to grab your attention with its boldness. While reds can sometimes be associated with caution or danger, there’s no need to put on the brakes here, because the only danger you risk is seriously falling in love with Amour!


While red is bold, pink elicits feelings of calm and optimism. It helps balance and define the emotions that red typically evokes on its own. The one thing these two colors have in common is they both bring about the feeling of amorousness. This makes Amour, which combines the two in one, ideal for creating a truly giddy space.

Making Plans
Use Amour (DE5104) to create a striking accent wall or nook. Use it to create contrast in order to highlight an stunning piece of furniture such as a sideboard or buffet in the dining room, or a new headboard in a bedroom.
Amour (DE5104) pairs beautifully with a good Millennial Pink, which despite competition from Gen-Z Yellow, continues its reign as one of the hottest color trends we’ve seen in a long time. A good place to start is using Amour alongside a shade of pink like Rustique (DE5149). Get a good look at how Rustique turned this home into a Marrakech-Meets-Desert-Modern dream in Palm Springs.


For a more muted palette, Phoenix Villa (DEW324) or Dry Creek (DE6122) offer an ideal pairing with Amour that bring a calming contrast to bold focal wall.

Getting started
With the click of a button you can download our Insta-Color® app and simply upload a photo from your personal library or one from ours, to give the space an instant paint job. Dunn-Edwards is committed to bringing you the highest-quality paint that is also trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. Don’t put your projects on hold any longer. Just one more click and you can order your free samples to get started.

All photography by STRUKTR Studios