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Extreme Odyssey Hotel Focus: Deplar Farm Resort

Continuing with our Color Trends 2019, we are focusing on designs that explore the color and design of the "Extreme Odyssey" Trend. Designs within realm attempt to address the influences of technology, context and vernaculars on architecture, and challenge conventional architectural practice and explore original paths of thought and develop innovative design tools and methodologies.


Deplar Farm

Deplar Farm Resort, developed by Eleven Experience, is a former sheep farm tucked into the mountainous landscape of Iceland’s Troll Peninsula. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this off-grid lodge really couldn’t be more remote – and it celebrates the true unspoiled beauty of the area.


Timber Building

Although it has been converted into luxury cottages, the farm still maintains much of his humble character. Locally-sourced materials were used in the renovation process – including natural stone from nearby rivers. An elongated grass-covered roof runs the length of the dark timber building, helping it blend into the natural landscape.


Built into the grassy hills


Deplar Farm


Guest Room

The resort offers 13 en suite rooms, each with an abundance of large windows to provide stellar views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and rivers. Guests not content to enjoy the view from the warmth of the lounge or spa can enjoy any number of thrilling activities in the area – from heli-sking to snowmobiling. And for the ultimate experience, guests can take in the Northern Lights while swimming in the resort’s geothermal infinity pool.


spa interior


yoga in common space


geothermal pools during northern lights

Deplar is the ultimate getaway for those seeking to explore the beautiful, yet mysterious land that is Iceland! For more information visit

All Photographs Used with Permission. All photos courtesy of Eleven Experience