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Dunn-Edwards Presents the Palm Springs Door Tour

Artistic Inspiration

During the recent, annual, 11-day Modernism Week festival, Dunn-Edwards Paints presented a self-guided bike tour of 13 vibrantly colorful painted doors in the Indian Canyons neighborhood of Palm Springs. In collaboration with Palm Springs Style magazine, which curated the door collection, the bike tour showcased some of the most well-known and unique doors in the Palm Springs area. Highlights of the self-guided bike tour include five doors painted custom colors created for the door tour. Here are highlights from the tour:

DSC 0134

#SomethingBlue. Color: MWDT03 Tiffany Blue

DSC 0124

DSC 0083

#PartyAnimalDoor. Color: DEW380 White

IMG 2199

#ThatPinkDoor. Color: get the look with DE5029 Berry Frost

IMG 2209

#PrettyInPink. Color: DE5047 Love Letter

IMG 2211

#TealMeMore. MWDT02 Alhambra Blue

IMG 2229

#GreenWithEnvy. Color: MWDT05 Kelly Green

IMG 2215

#MoroccanMood. Color: DEA187 Black

IMG 2216

#StormChaser. Color: DET604 Brooding Storm

IMG 2219

#MintyFresh. Color: MWDT04 Alhambra Lime

IMG 2205

#DiveIn. Color: get the look with DET550 Heritage Blue

IMG 2240

#GoForGold. Color: MWDT01 Yosemite Gold

IMG 2224

#BackInBlack. Color: DEA187 Black

IMG 2220

#OrangeCrush. Color: DEA112 Exuberant Orange

Images by Dunn-Edwards