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Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination

Artistic Inspiration

The Walt Disney Family Museum of San Francisco, Calif., and The Dali Museum of St. Petersburg, Fla., have recently celebrated the opening of their joint exhibition Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination. On view through Jan. 3, 2016 at the Walt Disney Family Museum, this exhibition explores the friendship between two of history’s greatest artists.


Salvador Dali and Walt Disney by the beach in Spain.1957. Photo Courtesy Walt Disney Family Museum

Told through a variety of multimedia experiences, this exhibition showcases the story of an unlikely friendship and business partnership between brilliantly eccentric Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dalí and American entertainment icon and innovator Walt Disney. Original paintings, artist sketches, storyboards, correspondence, archival film and audio provide a wealth of information about these two paragons who developed an unlikely alliance; friendship; and short business collaboration in 1946 with the animated short film Destino, which unfortunately was never completed during their lifetimes.


Walt Disney. 1930s. Photo Courtesy Walt Disney Family Museum


Salvador Dali photo for Paris Match, Wally Rizzo,Photographer. Photo courtesy Walt Disney Family Museum

Kirsten Komoroske, executive director of The Walt Disney Family Museum, states, “The Walt Disney Family Museum, founded by Walt’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller, presents the story of Diane's father, whose story inspires visitors to heed their imaginations and persevere in pursuing their goals. In keeping with this mission, the exhibitions at the museum feature dreamers, innovators, and collaborators. The museum’s next major exhibition unveils another aspect of Walt's story: the friendship between Walt and the influential and revolutionary artist, Salvador Dalí. The exhibition, co-organized by the Dalí Museum, not only further fulfills the mission of the museum, but also solidifies the museum’s place among the many phenomenal fine art institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

The mutual admiration for each other forged a bond of friendship lasting the rest of their lives, and their artistic influence and vision continues to inspire and enlighten the imagination. To learn more, visit