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Dine in Color: Vibrant Restaurants Around the World

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Image courtesy of Kessalao

Color can have a profound effect on the design of restaurants and cafes, from establishing an image, to creating ambiance, to triggering customers' appetites. Color not only adds another layer of sensory stimulation but it has a psychological association with sense of smell and appetite.

Check out these four colorful restaurants from around the world and taste the rainbow!

The Kessalao cafe, located in Bonn, Germany, is a refreshing dining space defined by an eye-catching use of bright colors and symbols. Red is without a doubt the main color, while the marine blue and yellow are reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. The entire color scheme also directly relates to the cafe’s existing branding design. (via Kessalao Germany)





Images courtesy of Kessalao

Pantone Cafe
At the Pantone Pop-Up cafe in Monaco, you can grab a scoop of Vanilla 11-0104 ice cream or a Pistachio Green 19-1625 éclair before washing your snack down with a glass of Vibrant Orange 16-364 juice. Every item sold by the cafe (as well as the restaurant’s napkins, tables, chairs and coffee makers) has a corresponding Pantone color code listed alongside the item. (via Pantone Cafe)





Images courtesy of Pantone Cafe

Pakta Restaurant

The interior of the Pakta Restaurant, designed by El Equipo Creativo, emerges from the union of two cultures and their respective cuisines, Peruvian and Japanese, creating a visually potent but surprisingly balanced design. The basic elements of the restaurant are designed with a clear reference to the architecture of traditional Japanese taverns, while an explosion of colors evocative of Peru envelopes the space.(via Pakta)





Images courtesy of Pakta

Architecture firm BIG transformed an unused basement space in Copenhagen into Llama, a South American-themed restaurant. The interior is clad with colorful patterns and fitted out with black furnishings, creating an intimate space that simultaneously feels connected with the bustling city. The walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, creating a dynamic, playful dining experience. (via Llama)





Images courtesy of Llama