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Designing An Engaged Workplace: Highlights From NeoCon 2017

Design Trends

Dunn-Edwards Paints was proud to be among 500 leading companies and 50,000 design professionals at NeoCon 2017. The commercial design event is the world's premier platform for the commercial design industry. We took the liberty of putting together a recap of the hottest emerging trends for the workplace. No matter which way you turned, this year’s main focus was wellness in the workplace. That includes design trends in healthcare, hospitality, education and more.


Image credit: NeoCon

What Colors Are Trending In The Workplace?

Color was everywhere at NeoCon this year. Green was the leading color family at the show. We saw shades that range from yellow-green hues, like spring shoots and grass green, to deep hues such as pine green and teal green. Green trending as a hot color in the workplace is a reminder that balancing work life with and outdoor lifestyle is key. This is evidenced by the fact that the National Park Service reports booming tourism which is predicted to further in 2018. Creating a work space that reflects eco-consciousness and natural experiences is a trend that can be realized through the right use of greens. You can read more about the influence of nature and adventure on design trends in Dunn-Edwards 2018 Color and Design Trends Report.



Pinks, mauves, fuchsias, and deep berry tones also caught our eye. These colors are no doubt a reference to the ever-present “Millennial Pink” trend (which we also spotted at HD Expo). This colorway is not going anywhere anytime soon. Dunn-Edwards Paints is happy to keep the Millennial Pink color trend moving forward with various shades of pink like our Rustique (DE5149) and Rose Reminder (DE5093). Color contributes to the wellness of a workplace because of the feelings they help manifest: pinks in this family are optimistic and nostalgic, making these trending pinks an ideal fit for a well workforce and a high-functioning workplace.


Storage And Mobility Solutions

Storage is crucial to the wellness in the workplace - and when there isn’t enough of it, office environment can change in a negative way. Finding clever storage solutions as well as ways to ensure mobility are essential. Mobility allows for personalization in the workplace. Without feeling tethered to a desk or a single location, employees are free to be more comfortable and more creative. At NeoCon we saw a great mix of collaboration seating and social spaces, such as picnic tables; as well as privacy spaces and booths. Because office spaces are forever changing, clever mobility and storage solutions leave room for an expanding workforce.






The Future Is Now

Mid-Century Modern and Danish designs continue to infuse themselves in all areas of design. Additionally, we also noticed space age references at NeoCon with quilted textiles, seating, and LED lighting. In fact, space and futurism is a design trend we here at Dunn-Edwards predict will be huge in 2018. Life experienced through dreams and imaginations – unnatural nature. Influences of retro, vintage tech. To read more on this emerging trend check out our 2018 Color and Design Trends Report. At NeoCon there was also prism cut carpeting accompanied by metallic and shiny surfaces with graffiti featuring pops of color in, you guessed it, pink, as well as dark blues and black.




If Mid Mod and Space Age design aren’t for you, don’t worry because there was a definite increase in traditional looks to furnishings, as well. Dunn-Edwards had a great time exploring NeoCon 2017. We love connecting and collaborating with the designers and makers of the latest in commercial design. Be sure to read our Dunn-Edwards Design Blog for more of the hottest workplace design trends. And for a more in-depth look at what to expect in 2018 read our 2018 Color and Design Trends Report.

All photos by Sara McLean