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Creating an Eye-Catching Tea Room At Home

Design Trends

Tea was called for 2 pm. The ladies were set to arrive any minute, despite Los Angeles traffic. Isabelle labored over every last detail. She spent hours crafting each of her homemade French macarons and her golden brown Madeleines. Originally from South Africa and a transplant to Southern California, Isabelle tracked down her favorite rooibos tea — a red bush tea grown in South Africa and especially popular there — to serve alongside green and black tea options as well.


Tea rooms sing in combinations of pink and green. This color trend can be seen in the iconic French bakery shop Laduree, which has opened new locations in Geneva, Switzerland and beyond, with designs by architect and designer India Mahdavi. The same whimsical colors are in Milan, Italy-based MeMeMi cafe, which opened a cafe this year in Seoul, South Korea.



Isabelle’s ladies tea, a long-standing yearly tradition, called for an eye-catching tea room to memorialize the occasion and truly make the tea an immersive experience. An accent wall designed with Dunn-Edwards Cherry Blush (DE5058) and Field Day (DE5577) provided the perfect accompaniment. Millennial Pink is a go-to among designers, with a spectrum ranging from rose quartz to paler pinks and beige with a blush tint. Dunn-Edwards Cherry Blush pushes the color a bit further with bolder magenta undertones.



Experiential design something that can be realized at home in addition to the cultural hubs, like the Color Factory or Museum of Ice Cream, where we’re most accustomed to it. The result: a Pinterest-ready room that will have homeowners pinning away. When it comes to creating an authentic tea room experience for clients — or simply infusing their space with all the whimsy and glam often associated with these establishments — this color trend makes things simple. Consider these Dunn-Edwards pink and green color combinations.