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Counting Down Our 4 Favorite Color Trends of 2017

Design Trends

As we say goodbye to the year 2017, we take a look back on the different design and color trends that inspired us throughout the year. Here’s a recap of some of our some favorite trends.

Light Backsplash + Dark Cabinetry

Brielle Kitchen 1

Image Credit: @briellerouge

This color trend works well in either a kitchen or bathroom. The contrast between the light colors in the backsplash and upper cabinets (Droplets DEW381) versus the dark bottom cabinetry (Iron Fixture DE6384) creates interest and depth. The geometric shaped backsplash also goes a long way to create texture in the room.

Statement Fireplace

Jaclyn Johnson Living Room 1

Image Credit:@monicawangphoto via @jaclynjohnson

A statement fireplace can really change the whole vibe of a room. Not only does it create a strong focal point, but it can really tie together the rest of your room’s décor. Another benefit of a vibrant fireplace, like this one in Jaclyn Johnson’s home, means you can have a neutral palette while maintaining a space that is anything but boring. The crisp white wall behind the fireplace painted in White DEW380 perfectly complements the graphic tile on the fireplace.

Deep Green Everything

Billiard Table Bedroom 1

Image Credit: @sarahhusvar

We’re predicting this color trend in a big way for 2018. It’s why we named The Green Hour our 2018 Color of the Year. We saw this trend manifest itself, beginning this year, in many ways — from The Green Hour to the wall above in Billiard Table DEA178, as well as cabinets and arm chairs — dark greens seemed to be everywhere. Deep greens such as these are so rich that they create a beautiful backdrop to allow pops of color to really stand out.

Organic Palettes

Organic Palette

Image Credit: @dunnedwards

This year has also been about embracing the organic palette, particularly as seen in our trend story Natural Wonders. In 2017, we saw neutral palettes paired with a range of wooden tones like those pictured above. These perfectly natural-painted walls are in Mission White (DET673) — and with organic woods and some natural greenery a space can truly come to life.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up! At Dunn-Edwards Paints, we look forward to bringing you
all of the up and coming design and color trends of 2018. Follow along on Instagram @dunnedwards to stay in the loop and don’t forget to tag us in your photos. You can also visit our website to order up to 100 color chips to start creating some trends of your own.