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Cool Off in Hot Climates With the Right Color Choices

Design Trends

Summer is in full force and thermometers across the country are registering record high temperatures. If you live in a hot climate you know that these temperatures won't let up once fall rolls around. You have the unique opportunity to design your home for a consistently hot climate and we've got some excellent design ideas to keep your home feeling cool. 
Some of our favorite summer paint color trends include:
Soft and serene: Creating a soft and serene interior palette is an excellent way to combat the outside heat. Consider focusing on soft whites and grays to create a look that invites you to sit, relax, and cool off. 
Subdued pastels: Pastels are back! These shades are light, refreshing and work well with most neutral shades. Don't overlook the textures in your home as well as the colors. Trade out heavier linens, pillows, and window treatments for lighter pastel versions. 
Earthy exteriors: You can't overlook the outside of your home! Current exterior paint color trends include deep browns and greens with crisp white trim and bright accents. 
You can trust that the team at Dunn Edwards is always on top of the most current paint color trends. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and our commitment to helping our customers transform their spaces.