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Color of the Month: Yellow Summer (DEA118)

Design Trends

Why Yellow Summer is June’s Color of the Month
Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted rosey paint colors and cool tones in the mint and blue families, and now with summer just on the horizon here we’re feeling the warm glow of the summer sun. Literally - Yellow Summer (DEA118) is June’s Color of the Month! We’re embracing this aptly named, saturated tangerine-yellow to honor June which holds the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Yellow Summer is a celebration of the season’s light and warmth.


What makes yellow so popular?
The color yellow has us dreaming of brightly painted stucco walls on the islands of Greece, beach umbrellas and all sorts of summer fun. It’s hard to be unhappy when faced with the color, which is often associated with gold, light and vitality. The shade plays a central role in Solibre, one of our 2021 Color + Design Trend stories, which emphasizes the beneficial connections between the natural world and the human world. Take a look at the boundary-pushing lighting designs and solar trends we’ve been seeing that have helped make the color yellow a large focus of Solibre.


Might a post-COVID world invite brighter, happier colors like yellow in to signal optimism ahead? The psychology behind the color yellow explains that this particular color is uplifting and offers cheer. In fact, entire art exhibitions and experiences have been devoted to yellow’s ability to cultivate happiness in society.

Designing with Yellows

  • Make your dining room glow with warmth by painting it in Yellow Summer (DEA118) and complement the vibrant shade with Dove’s Wing (DE6267) on the trim.
  • Embrace the desert-warmth trend and pair Yellow Summer or another shade of yellow with the subdued Gypsum Rose (DET452).
  • Pair this rich golden yellow with other sunset hues to create harmonious look that always lets the sun in. Go yellow in your home office space for a vibrant and buzzy work environment while using textiles and furniture accents to pepper in doses of oranges, reds or violets.
  • In the kitchen try Yellow Summer in a breakfast nook to help launch the day on a bright note.
  • Have fun on bedroom walls with painted shapes in yellow like fashion designer Dani Nagel made on her Beachwood Canyon penthouse walls.


Looking for some yellow-infused summer color palettes for inspiration? Try the historic and exotic hues of Greece here or get inspired with these whimsical summer palettes here.