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Color of the Month: Steamy Spring (DE5709)

Design Trends

Why Steamy Spring is May’s Color of the Month


Why is Steamy Sring our May color of the month? May can be gorgeous as temperatures warm up in time for summer’s debut, and of course, April showers are most likely responsible for bringing verdant May flowers. Those lush green blooms are why we chose Steamy Spring (DE5709), a celadon green-blue that leaves the eyes refreshed and the spirit calmed, as our Dunn-Edwards May Color of the Month.

Time for A Cooler Palette

We know that blue and green shades can add an instant unexpected “wow” factor to spaces like the San Miguel Blue (DET569) that design maven Claire Thomas used for a project designing a vintage Venice cottage. Or the calming green Stone Bridge (DE5747), which Annette Vartanian of A Vintage Splendor enveloped her bedroom in. When it comes to greens, one thing we’ve noted in our 2021 Color + Design Trend report is that their influence continues to expand in greens ranging from mint tones to jewel tones. Steamy Spring is no exception.

Designing with Green-Blue Shades

  • Steamy Spring’s calming quality is a perfect choice for creating a bliss-inducing, spa-like bathroom of your dreams. For small powder rooms, you might even opt to pair Steamy Spring walls and trim with a complementary wallpaper on the ceiling for major design impact in a small space.
  • Follow creative Claire Thomas’s instinct and highlight your home’s character elements like wall panelling and trim with Steamy Spring on the woodwork and keep things neutral on the walls by using complementary Porous Stone (DE6220) or Antique Paper (DE6218).
  • Because of its tranquility, Steamy Spring or similar colors are great options for bedrooms, where catching sleep is of the utmost importance.
  • For a fun pop of light hearted color, paint the exterior front door in Steamy Spring, and join in (or start) the colorful door trend in your neighborhood.

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