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Clean Slate For California Eclectic Home in Newport Beach

Design Trends

We sat down with Orange County-based Lindye Galloway Interiors to discuss the firm’s recent redesign of a Newport Beach, California home. The firm dubbed the project their “California Eclectic," as such, the house boasts an open, airy, and relaxing aesthetic that is a mix of “a California vibe with an underlying mid century modern theme,” says Lindye Galloway.


“The home was built in the 90's and needed a lot of updating,” notes Galloway. Luckily, Lindye and her team specialize in complete remodels as well as complete furniture and styling design. In order to give this home those trademark airy California vibes, Lindye Galloway Interiors started by opening up the wall between living space and kitchen and used Dunn-Edwards Cool December (DEW383) paint throughout the home. With soft pink and purple undertones, this cool white is ideal for this modern, coastal home. Removing the wall and using the perfect white opened up the home’s downstairs to create great flow and let in tons of natural light.

“We love Cool December and use it in a lot of our projects (including this one),” says Galloway. “We usually go with a matte/flat finish.” Keeping the foundation of a space neutral allows for the mixture of pattern and color which adds interest and texture to this space. Galloway notes that “mixing patterns is a delicate balance and we love how everything in this home worked together so beautifully!”



On this project, the clients asked for a California Eclectic style that would also incorporate their love for Mid- century modern. In the bedroom Lindye Galloway Interiors again used Cool December as the clean palette upon which they then combined deep blue textiles and furniture with clean lines. When asked how else they
were able to accomplish their client’s style, Galloway replied, “The sunny bedroom pays homage to the coastal California vibe, while mixing in a touch of mid century modern. The crisp, bright whites and deep blues provide a refreshing palette, creating a space for our clients to stylishly exist in.”


Wondering how to pick your perfect white? Remember that not all whites are created equal. Before picking your shade consider your space’s lighting, location, and its architectural style. Watch this video for a quick and easy breakdown on how to choose the best Dunn-Edwards white for your space.

Photos by Chad Mellon and courtesy of of Lindye Galloway Interiors