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City Stroll: A Spirited Journey through 2019 color+design

Design Trends

Dunn-Edwards recently released its 2019 color+design trends with the theme of Spirited Journeys. The five-trend color palettes are showcased in a collection of animated video stories highlighting the textures, materials and cultural references inspiring the looks. The videos have been rolled out one at a time during the past month.

This annual glimpse at how our culture influences popular colors and design is curated with months of research and analysis to provide the most accurate forecast of color, design and trend information. People are always interested in trending colors but that is just part of the story. The textures and materials pair with color to tell a story about what’s happening in our lives and the world around us. Events like the royal wedding helped shape the trends, as have technology, virtual reality, extreme urbanization, pop culture fashion, food, current everyday life stresses, music and travel.

City Stroll Happy


“City Stroll,” our second story that was unveiled, speaks to our playful side — with bright colors that are modern and artsy, as well as friendly designs with a touch of humor. This joyful expression allows us to make daily life fun and light-hearted. Color, like music, lights up the world and gets us all to play a little more with a joyful spirit that invades the hyper-urban realm of large global cities. Modern with a twist, exotic, a touch of humor and artsy –– all developed to make cities more pleasant and friendly. Fantasy and happy expressions in brightly colored and modern aesthetic add to atmospheres and products that focus on entertainment to make daily life fun and playful.

Materials and textures animate over-the-top story staging — reinventing reality with extraordinary décor. With an air of amusement and pop spirit, patterns are inspired by figurative views of geometrics; illustrations for all-over motifs; and otherworldly flora and fauna such as mushrooms, cacti, bulbs in unexpected colors and textures. Add more pizzazz with animal and plant motifs in tropical, stylized, colorful and pop aesthetic tones.

City Stroll

Brightly colored, Friendly, Hyper-saturated

Images: Dunn-Edwards designer-influencer team, 2018 Fall Modernism Week, Palm Springs, CA. Leslie Schneider, Splendid Rags. Jenna Stocks and Cortney Moore, A Whimsy Wonderland, Samantha Klein, Shopwhurl

Modern, Glossy

Images: Geronimo balloon installations (left); Light Artist Chris Wood (right)

Saturated, fruity hues blend natural energy with modern techno influences. City Stroll tantalizes with vivid overtones, lively and charged with energy. Intense patterns play with notes of vibrant tropical spirit, dulcet tones, ebullient and halcyon hues, along with a pastiche blend of ornamentation.

Artsy, Pop spirit

Images: Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles (left), Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas (right)

Fresh, Fruity, Flashy, Desert

Image: Saguaro Hotel. Photographer: Andi Sakowski

Opulent, Hyper-saturated, Animal motifs, Pop aesthetics

Image: Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites

Dazzling, hyper-saturated brights are paired with bright white, hologram metallics, softened with pastels. Sporty graphic colors bring power and radiant monochromes shine. A medley of floral tones are toned down by dark chocolate, deepest violet and synthetic blue.

Joyful, Pops of color, Intense contrasts

Image: Faena Hotel Miami Beach. Photographer: Nick Koenig.

Fantastical, Coated accessories, Swimming pools, Candy influenced, Reinvents reality

Images: Faena Miami Beach. Photographer: Bill Wisser.

Pink, Tangy, Psychedelic prints, Unexpected colors, Bright

Image: Casa Estrella, a Modern Moroccan home by Thomboy Properties. Photographer: Fred Moser

Expect dazzling bright colors, paired with bright white, sporty graphic colors and near neons. Color next year will have a swimming pool vibe, with coated accessories, rounded shapes, inflatables and icy finishes.

To find more inspiration through our 2019 color+design trends and check out the other four trend stories and videos, visit us here. To view the full range of trending colors for 2019, click here.