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Choose the Best Paint Colors for Each Room in the Home


Color trends come and go but a well-designed room can stand the test of time. As a design professional, it is important to pay attention to trends and what's current in the industry but you shouldn't get hung up on selecting a color that is necessarily "in". Choosing the best paint colors for each room in a home is about understanding moods, your client's personal style, and which shades work best in combination with one another.

At Dunn Edwards we are committed to providing design and architectural professionals the paint they need to create beautiful spaces for their clients. When determining the best colors for each room in a client's home, you should consider both the qualities of the color and the purpose of the space.

  • Green Green is the perfect combination of a soothing blue and a cheerful yellow and is ideal for nearly every room in a client's home. If used in a family or living room it helps individuals unwind while promoting connection and togetherness. Green can cool a kitchen down and is perfectly suited as a backdrop for a pop of bold color in a bedroom. Many homeowners in search of a spa-like feel in their master bathroom turn to shades of light green for their relaxing qualities and neutral feel.Green
  • Purple The darkest shades of purple, including eggplant and royal purple, bring depth to a color palette and are often used in formal spaces. These dark purple shades add a sense of royalty to a design when used in dining rooms or formal living rooms. Lighter shades of purple feel airy and are often used in bedrooms to create a restful atmosphere. When choosing a shade of purple it's important to pay attention to the amount of red and blue to ensure the color palette is balanced.Purple
  • Yellow Yellow has been a traditional kitchen color for decades, but can also be used successfully throughout a client's home. It is perfect for foyers, hallways, and alcoves because it naturally makes a space feel open and welcoming. If you'd like to use yellow paint in a family room or bedroom consider it for a small focal wall, behind built-in bookshelves, or as an accent color for the trim or ceiling.Yellow
  • Orange Orange is a bold color that many believe promotes health and well-being. When deciding which colors are best for each room, you should use orange to infuse excitement and enthusiasm. Orange is an excellent choice for a breakfast nook, workout room, or game room because it brings energy to a space. Shades of orange, including tangerine and coral, can be used on bedroom walls to bring vibrancy to a variety of color palettes.Orange
  • Blue Ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, blue is a serene and calming color that invokes the outdoors with its connection to both the sky and the sea. Blue is often used as the primary color in a room and the right shade can be used as an all-over wall color. Be careful when choosing the best colors for each room because the wrong shade of light blue can bring a chilly feel to the space. Bright blues are excellent choices for a kitchen and can help create a nautical feel when used against white cabinets and sleek accessories. Warm blues, such as periwinkle and teal, are often used to encourage relaxation in social rooms including game rooms or family rooms.BlueBlue 2
  • Red Red makes a strong first impression and is a great choice for a home's entryway or dining room. It stimulates conversation and connection and has been known to increase heart rates. Be careful when using red in a bedroom because you want to avoid creating a space in which your clients struggle to unwind and relax. Red is also an excellent choice for a sunroom because the natural light balances out the bold color and creates a vibrant combination with the room's linens and accessories.RedIf you would like to learn more about paint and which are the best colors for each room in a home visit us online at We work hard to bring relevant color news, research, and information to interior design and architectural professionals.