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Celebrate the Stars! A 2018 Trends Story

Design Trends

Fantasy brightens up daily life — staged and spectacular, attracted by bling — fantasy is inspired by pop-star inspirations, while style is influenced by pop culture and life is experienced through dreams and imaginations. The Stars is for those who have a desire for excess — nothing is too showy or too colorful. Introducing trend story 3 from our 2018 Color + Design trends report, The Stars!




The Stars is inspired by the hyper-innovator who has a need to explore the great beyond, imagining that we are not alone. A hint of the paranormal and life’s mysteries. Those who are influenced by The Stars
believe to design is to have fun, all while enjoying life with an element of mystery. The home is filled with tech gadgets, both retro and futuristic, blending sleek design and vivid coloring.



Exotic motifs and imaginary characters appear, creating fantastical effects and reflections of the paranormal and nocturnal. Textures are padded, embossed and shimmery, referencing space age design. And, lighting
is key with smoky, filtered color effects, alluding the 1980s retro influence that continues to trend in popularity.




Color creates an unnatural-natural world, with digital hyper-color influences heightening the nature-based colors of the real world. The influence of technology creates the continued influenced of digital-based color, with layers of bling and gloss. The additional influence of street art graffiti adds depth with shots of deep indigo and shocking pops of hot pink and rose, providing further proof of the 80s retro trend. The dense coloring with a vintage, futuristic flair has us reaching for the stars!




To read more about The Stars, including in-depth case studies and further research on this trend, as well as the other four trends, click here to download our 2018 color+design trends report. To view all the 2018 trend colors at a glance, visit us here.


All images with permission and courtesy Bethany Nauert Photography