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Celebrate Natural Wonders! A 2018 Color+Design Trend Story

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Celebrate the world’s natural wonders! A life experienced on one’s own terms is a life of poetry in motion. The story of Natural Wonders is a celebration of health and wellness and a dedication to everyday unique experiences.

Living room colors

Living room corner

Outside table colors

Inspired by nature and innovation, Natural Wonders highlights that nature is an increasingly important part of our daily lives, resulting in many dimensional layers— new ways to eat, grow and live with a focus on the essential simplicities.

Bedroom colors

Living table colors

Natural wonders

Natural Wonders is dedicated to those seeking to live with subtlety and modesty, surrounded by nature without leaving the comforts of city life that is also integral to their lives. A back-to-basics focus on wellbeing is key.

To design with Natural Wonders in mind, use subtle contrasts and monochromatic ranges in shiny and matte combinations to highlight textures. A Craftsman-style legacy, with its irregularities, honors the past of design at
its best, while flowers and plants are key to the final concept. Fabrics are natural, oversized and uneven, and materials display recycled content and eco-friendly ideals in beautiful arrangements.

Garden and pool design

Bathroom design

Rich colors cabinet

The color palette is a demonstration of rich, natural warm neutrals. These earth tones start with essential basic beige, then infused with acid lime and lemon-greens, reminders of young spring leaves and shoots. Spice colors such as anise seed, clove, ginger and coffee add rich notes. Springtime and seaside coloring adds a watery twist with infusions of coral tones and aquatic blues, and sunny contrasts of salmon, lobster, pebble and ocean.

Bedroom colors

Bedroom colors 2

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All images used with permission and courtesy of Bethany Nauert